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About Link of Your Day

Link of Your Day is an elaborate lifestyle and relationship news library with relatable, authentic articles from a diversity of voices. On Link of Your Day, Anne Cohen, as well as many other vigorous voices, share their celebrations, feelings, and experiences with others with an authentic yet empathetic approach. There is a wide range of topics in Link of Your Day, from lifestyle, healthy lifestyle, self-improvement, love and relationships, online dating, weddings, home design, travel, parenting, short stories, poetry, blogging, SEO, to fashion, beauty, and much more. Link of Your Day now has hundreds of contributing authors, and over 1,743,313 unique visitors since July 2016, and expeditiously growing daily. 

The authors of Link of Your Day share various topics and perspectives with a diversity of voices in clear, relatable articles to avail inspire others to amend themselves and their lives. It’s paramount that we all utilize our hearts, our sagacity, and our unique and different experiences to shed more light and love into this comely world. This way we will not only inspire others, but we will amend our lives by becoming the best version of ourselves, by working harder for what we want, by acquiring inner tranquility, more happiness, a healthier lifestyle, and more smiles each and every day throughout our lives.

Link of Your Day – A Lifestyle & Relationship News Library

About Anne Cohen


Anne Cohen is the owner, writer, and editor of Link of Your Day. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, and is based in Los Angeles, California. She has been in Los Angeles since 1998 but moved around a lot growing up and lived in many cities and states in the U.S. Moving around as a kid and throughout her teenage years has definitely contributed to her desire to learn about different cultures, religions, learning Farsi, and experience many things in life. 

Anne believes that everyone has a voice and should learn when and when not to utilize it, verbally expressing that words along with actions are very powerful and may have many consequences that she and others will have to live with. She believes that people should be predominantly happy in life, focusing on the positives they have, rather than the negatives, yet additionally an astronomically immense believer in self-improvement. She also believes that people should strive towards their goals in a decent and rectitudinous way, rather than settle for short-term light with long-term darkness, setting goals, going after what you want, and not giving up. She lives by a rule of thumb that being honest is everything in relationships.

Anne writes on many different things including love and relationships, success, parenting, self-help, daily inspiration, poetry, lifestyle, healthy lifestyle, fashion, beauty, SEO, and much more. She has many different articles on both of her blogs from different authors and businesses. Her website additionally accepts advertisements in widgets and sliders that can backlink to your website/blog which will amend your business, blog, or website’s overtness and ranking on all major search engines.

Anne Cohen is additionally a marketing director for companies such as Padavo Home Furnishings. She does SMM (Social Media Marketing) and “White Hat” SEO (Search Engine Optimization). She’s also a mother of two children who motivate her every day, who fulfill her life immensely, and who inspire her to push forward, never give up, and do good in life each and every day. 

For any PR inquiries or any other questions, contact Anne via her business Email.

Anne: [email protected]