When Age Difference Matters in Relationships



There are endless articles throughout the Internet that talk about age difference. Some of them will tell you that age shouldn’t matter, and that it’s just a number, and some will tell you otherwise. In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the reasons why age does matter, and some of the reasons why you shouldn’t explore relationships when there’s too much of an age gap. 

Despite the age difference that you might have with someone, two people that are exploring a relationship together are always going to be coming from two different places, from two different upbringings, and have lived lives full of two different sets of experiences. Therefore, despite someone’s age difference, no two people will have lived identical lives. You need to expect that there will always be certain differences that you have, whether their cultural, based on having different religions or religious standpoints, or perhaps simply because you have different views and outlooks on things. Either way, it’s important to realize that there will always be differences between people, despite their age difference. 

If you’re exploring a situation with someone that you share a big age gap with, one of the most important things to realize is that because of that age difference, you were likely brought up during different eras, and because of that, you’ll likely appreciate and enjoy different things. That doesn’t necessarily have to be an issue for a couple, despite their age difference, but acknowledging that you’re going to have those differences early on is imperative, so that you’ll be more readily prepared that you likely won’t feel the exact same way or have the same type of appreciation for certain things. 

One of the biggest concerns that couples with larger age gaps tend to experience, whether they’re dating someone that’s a lot older than them or whether they’re dating someone that’s much younger than them, is a person’s maturity level matching their own. The only way that a relationship with a large age gap can truly work, is when they’re both mature enough to handle an adult relationship. Many people that feel that age shouldn’t be a factor, and that it’s just a number, but what they need to truly comprehend is that, it’s not age that matters, it’s maturity. 

It’s imperative to date someone that’s mature enough to understand how toxic it is to become overly jealous, and to bring up unimportant issues and drama. These are just two of the issues that young people tend to provoke in relationships, and for the most part, it’s nearly impossible to date someone with a big age gap, because of those issues. You see, when someone is older, they’ve lived longer, they have more life experience, and they’ve had enough time to discover themselves, and to know what they want in a partner. As well, people that are older are not necessarily wiser or smarter, but because of the fact that they’ve lived longer and likely have experienced more relationships, they’ll more likely be able to control their emotions, as well as their jealousy and anger.

It’s imperative to think before getting into a relationship with someone that you share a large age gap with. Relationships with large age gaps can work, and even throughout a lifetime, where both people can be happy and share a beautiful life with one another. But unfortunately, many times people get into relationships with people that are much younger than them, and they tend to see certain issues that are there solely because of that age difference, and the lack of maturity. Remember, if you’re going to date someone that’s a lot younger than you, it’s not their age that’s going to matter, but more so, how well they’ll be able to handle an adult relationship, and being mature in all aspects of the relationship. 

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