Always Here Right Where You Left Me


Holding on, knowing I shouldn’t

Trying to breathe, barely grasping enough air

Still, like a moment hasn’t passed

Still here, but falling, more like drowning

Misery loves me, maybe it loves you more

You left, so why return now that I’m sinking

Don’t watch me bleed

Don’t hide me from your thoughts

Don’t bury me with your past mistakes

Is that all I am

You stole from me

Stole my smile

My heart

Why am I happy

Why do I smile so much

Why do I laugh

You stole it

But don’t give it back

Be happy

I know you’re happy

Are you happy

Then I’m happy

I’m fine

Living without you, I’m fine

Just fine

Fine, without you

Fine, like the hair on your head

It leaves the way you left me

It falls the way I fell, the way you fell

The way we fall together every time, as if…

No time has passed

Time is nothing

Experiences without you are nothing

Life without you

Shattered traces of you everywhere

Take them with you

Don’t leave me with this mess

Your mess

All yours

Take it back, it’s broken

Take it when you go

Let it all go

Let go

Let it all roll

Roll it down the hill, or the street even better

Let it walk with us, let it run

Run away from you, from me, from us

From what we had

Don’t give me a taste

If you won’t be mine

Take your taste back

Take it I say

Missing piece, half is gone

More than half because we are one

Not that you said so, but you did

Not that I said so, but I wish I did

One, because He said, He wants, He destined

No one else




But still, go away

Go on and leave

No trace, leave nothing behind

No memory, no soul, no me, no you

But don’t you ever cry

Don’t cry cause you miss me

Don’t cry cause it hurts

I can’t bear the breaking

Your eyes, your hands, your soul, you

Don’t break, but you’re broken I know

It’s late


Don’t go

No matter how much time passed

No matter our aging faces

Our losing hair

Losing sleep

No matter nothing

Take it back, I beg you

Don’t cry

For my heart will break even more

And there’s nothing left to shatter

I won’t say goodbye


I tell you be happy

I tell you I’m happy

That I’m not lost

I’m not lost, even if I’ve lost

I’m here

Always here


Anne Cohen
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