Why Angels Watch Me Weep


The angels weep

While they watch me sleep

They watch me night and day.

My feet get cold

My heart keeps crying

But they watch me anyway.


Although I can’t hear them

I know that they whisper

The things they shouldn’t say.


But time goes on

And I’m still crying

How I wish they’d all fly away.


I’m sorry for lying

I’m sorry you’re not

Pretend that I’m hiding

I’m sleeping a lot.


I dread that you watch me

Watching night after night

My ugliness crying

I’m such a pitiful site.


Keep watching little angel

Watch me while I weep

Keep watching my ugly

But don’t make a peep.


I’m tired and I’m lonely

And I’m needing my sleep

But you watch me my angels

Like I’m some kind of treat.


I’m not pretty, I’m not good

Why look at me like that

I’m dark, misunderstood

My heart is turning black.


I want to stay pure

To be kind, like you want

But you angels fly above me

With your wings that you flaunt.


I put the pillow over my face

To hide how I really feel

I cover my eyes, nose, and cheeks

But I’m somehow still revealed.


Why wake me up

Night after night

I’m trying to sleep

Please turn out the light.


It’s hopeless, I suppose 

I’m doomed now for good

My angels won’t leave me

But I know that they should.


I don’t want your protection

I’m bad, can’t you see

I’m nothing, I’m no one

Dear angels, 

Oh why won’t you leave.


I’ve begged you, I’ve pleaded

I’ve asked you so nice

But you come back and haunt me

Like hot water, with ice.


Fine then, just stay

I’ll sit here, I’ll lay

What more can I do,

I suppose I’ll obey.


Maybe if I smile

Perhaps you’ll let me be

Maybe if I stop crying

You’ll stop taunting me.


Maybe you’re really good

I suddenly don’t feel as sad

Maybe I’ve misunderstood

Maybe angels aren’t really that bad.

Anne Cohen
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One thought on “Why Angels Watch Me Weep

  1. I don’t want your protection

    I’m bad, can’t you see

    I’m nothing, I’m no one

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