Bachelorette Party 101: Top 8 Coolest Decorations in 2021



Your friend just had a love of her life bend down on one knee and pop one of the most critical questions of their lifetime. They put in years of happiness to get to this point, and now you want to celebrate your friend, giving her the bachelorette party she’s always dreamed of before she gets married on her big day. You browse the internet looking for fun, modern decorations to enhance the party. With so many options at so many price ranges, you wonder where to pick. Here are eight possible options to choose from to throw an incredible bachelorette party.

1. Peel and Stick Wallpaper

With peel and stick wallpaper, you can adhere any image you want to the walls without worrying about whether or not you’ll leave costly residue behind. You can pick something already made, or you can have a custom wallpaper made. Perhaps you have photos of your friends or a specific image you want to be plastered on the wall. 

That would probably be a fun and memorable surprise for your guests to see their faces up on the wall when they come to the party. Peel and stick wallpaper can cost anywhere from $5 to $50 per roll, depending on size and customization.

2. Neon Signs

Neon signs look amazing with the lights on or off. With custom-led neon signs, you could put up anything you want and have it last after the party is over. Custom signs can range a lot in price, depending on what you want to be made. A custom sign can start at $40 or can go up into the hundreds or even thousands, depending on how big or how much detail you want in a sign.

3. Bachelorette Beach Balls

Websites like Etsy offer custom-made beach balls for parties. They come deflated, with your color scheme and logos affixed to the material. Once you blow it up, you have a fun message to toss around in the air at your party. At about $10 each, bachelorette beach balls can be an attractive, budget decor option.

4. Sequin Tablecloths

Tablecloths are essential for keeping your tables nice and clean of crumbs and wine spills during any party. What if tablecloths could look glamorous and glitzy too? Rather than only being a functional aspect of the color scheme, sequin tablecloths look like they also add something to the decor. These can be found for as inexpensive as $15 online, depending on material and size.

5. Photo Clip String Lights

Photo clip string lights sound precisely like what they are. They are lights you can hang across a wall with clips for polaroid or other types of photos. They’re both functional, providing atmospheric lighting and memorable.

You could even bring your polaroid camera, set it out on a side table, and encourage your guests to take pictures and hang them up during the party. You can cover a massive amount of wall space for around $10, subtracting the camera, of course.

6. Personalized Head Cut-Outs

A quirky idea for the bachelorette party your planning is to have head cutouts of the bride and groom. Head cutouts can come in many different decor options. You could turn them into fans, posters, temporary tattoos, and more. You just need a photo and around $10 to complete the look.

7. Customized Party Favor Kits

You can find a lot of hilarious party kits online. There are also sorts of themes that fit bachelorette parties. One such kit features a kit for a hangover. Inside are potentially all manner of hangover helpers you can buy or add yourself. You can set party kits out on guest tables as decor, leaving your guests eager to ponder what goodies are inside. Depending on if it’s just the bag or the bag and goodies, these kits range anywhere from $5 to $50.

8. Bar Cart

With a bar cart, the wine can become portable. A bar cart features several shelves stacked on wheels, ready to cart all of your guest’s drinks at once. These can range from $50 to hundreds of dollars, depending on how much you’re looking to hold.

Just as important as the decor is the theme to help pull it all together. Having trouble coming up with a theme? If the popular phallic theme doesn’t suit your party aesthetic, here’s a quick resource for ideas before you decorate. 

The name of the game for cool and unique 2021 bachelorette party decor seems to be custom-made decor. The custom decor adds a touch of sentimentality for memorable parties. With LED tech and more customization, bachelorette parties in 2021 are just as unique and fabulous as ever.


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