The Beginning of a New Relationship


There’s something miraculous about a new love. A new love is pure, without flaws, without mistakes, and without any issues or problems. A new love has all of the potential in the world to be your greatest love. It’s important to have an open heart so that when we embrace a new love interest, that we do so on a blank clean slate, without bringing fears, expectations, or any hurt, anger, and what we’d all referred to as baggage from previous relationships.

A new love is essentially pure in every way. It’s important to give a new love interest a genuine chance at becoming a successful relationship. In order to do that, this new pure situation must be based on a solid strong foundation. This foundation should be built upon trust, honesty, communication, and respect.

There are many ways to keep the fire alive in a relationship. It’s important to do whatever it takes to make things work when a situation has potential. Although it’s true that the honeymoon phase is generally supposed to be the happiest of all times. However, just as there are ways to keep the fire alive, there are also ways that we can make the honeymoon period last for a lifetime.

Healthy relationships take hard work and effort from both people. It’s important for couples to view each other as best friends and partners. Relationships involve give and take. Both people need to concentrate on giving, as well as being able to receive. There’s no place for selfishness or dishonesty in a new relationship or in any relationship for that matter (new or old).

It’s important to treat a long-term relationship, and even more so, a marriage, as if it’s a brand-new relationship. The longer that you’ve been with someone in a committed relationship, the more work, effort, and understanding that should be given towards making things work. To build a relationship that’s healthy, and based on a solid, strong foundation is imperative. But, maintaining the integrity of the relationship for the long term takes hard work that doesn’t stop just because two people are used to each other.

There comes a point in every relationship where both people may question whether or not the other person is still in love with them or just used to them. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with reminding your partner how much they mean to you, showing them how much you appreciate them, and letting them know by your actions and your words. There should always be a healthy balance between what you say and what you do. Your actions should be apparent, just as much as your words.

The longer that you’re with someone, the more that you should concentrate on improving your relationship. One of the best ways of improving long-term relationships is to concentrate on giving, and by giving, I mean giving in a selfless manner. When one partner gives, the other person should be willing to receive and reciprocate the love that’s shown to them. Remember, a love that’s pure is not defined by the length of the relationship, but by how well that love is maintained and cared for.

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3 thoughts on “The Beginning of a New Relationship

  1. Any tips for starting a new relationship within Golden Years?!
    I’ve experienced ‘Grey Divorce’ (as identified by AARP) which is increasing in recent years. SO, now I’m out seeking to rebuild… as well as being in process of ‘packing up’ a lifetime career and grown children.

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