Being Single on Thanksgiving



There should never have to be an excuse to spend some extra quality time with family and loved ones. And what better excuse is it to be able to share a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with people that you love anyway. Having said that, there are many singles out there that feel as if they’ve endlessly been waiting for their soulmate and their other half, and that one special person that they can either share their Thanksgiving meal with, or perhaps to include them with their family on this special day. 

For those people that tend to get lonely or depressed during holidays and special occasions, it’s important to remember that feeling lonely is a temporary feeling, and you should always try to be grateful for what you have, and therefore, each year that Thanksgiving comes around, you should remember that you have so many wonderful gifts in life that you can be thankful for, and that you should be thankful for. Remember, it’s not about the amount of family or friends that you have, whether you’ve been single for one too many Thanksgivings, or even whether you’re having a big turkey meal on Thanksgiving. But more so, this day can be used as a little reminder to appreciate all that you have in life. 

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t appreciate all of the little things that we have in life every single day, because I definitely think that’s something that we should concentrate on, and put more effort towards. And just like any other holiday, or even Hallmark holidays for that matter, like Valentine’s Day perhaps, we should appreciate and celebrate what we do have, instead of concentrating on what we don’t have or on what we lack. 

For all of the singles out there that don’t have a partner yet, there are always things that you can do or people that would love to include you in their Turkey Day. As well, there are so many Thanksgiving Day functions going on at different places, including different types of events, and it’s really as simple as Googling “things to do on Thanksgiving.” You should never have to feel alone or lonely, simply because you don’t have a partner, any family nearby, or any friends that you could spend it with. 

What’s great about being single and alone on Thanksgiving, is that you can choose to do whatever you’d like on this day. You can make a day all about you, and indulge. And as you’re doing so, remember to feel grateful for your freedom, and for the mere fact that you’re able to do whatever the hell you want. Be happy, and appreciate your freedom, because many times we even take that for granted. As well, Thanksgiving Day doesn’t mean that you must eat turkey.

Coming from a family of many vegetarians, I can honestly tell you that whenever we didn’t have a big meal planned and we chose to go out to eat, the Thanksgiving Day menu selections at restaurants weren’t always very appealing. In other words, you likely won’t be missing out very much if you forgo having turkey altogether. So there’s no need to feel as if you must have turkey on Turkey Day. If anything, think of all of the turkey lives that you’ll be saving by going vegetarian for one day. Having said that, I wanted to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving, and to let everyone know how much I appreciate them. Happy Turkey Day! 

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