The Best Wake up Call



Everyone likes a good wake up call. At least, when there’s somewhere they have to be. Now, I wanted to write a little bit about what the best wake up call is, and how much you can benefit from having one in your life. The best type of wake up call is one where you achieve a sense of enlightenment, clarity, and inner peace towards something that you’ve just come to realize, and which will make a positive difference in your life.


Many times, all we really need is is one, two, O.K., maybe three wake up calls, in order to improve our lives in many ways, and to open the door to many new possibilities— Some that you might never have thought could happen before. Many times, getting a good wake up call is all one needs in order to start changing the way that they think and doing things. At times, it means starting to think outside of the box, or to even have more of an open mind towards things that you might’ve been against or afraid of, and perhaps, for a long time.


We all get these types of wake up calls throughout our lives. But what’s most important is to have an open mind enough to be able to receive those types of internal messages. Feeling optimistic and staying positive in as many ways as we can will truly benefit us when we’re trying to achieve greatness in life.


Whatever you’re trying to do, whatever you’re trying to achieve, and whatever path that you’re on in your life towards whatever goals that you strive for, you need to be able to feel inspired in different ways so that you never give up. Sometimes that inspiration comes from within, and sometimes we search elsewhere for ideas, quotes, and even advice from others so that we stay on our path, and become more inspired. Either way, feeling inspired is a big part of being able to receive a wake up call—and now you know which type of wake up call I’m talking about.


Being in the wrong situation or even staying in a bad relationship for too long will have some type of endpoint, and the longer that you stay in a toxic situation, the harder it will be to come out of it. But at some point, whenever you’re ready to make a change in your life for the better, you’ll get that wake up call, but first, you need to be open to it. Your heart needs to be ready, and your mind needs to be clear and open to receive new information. You need to recognize what brings you happiness and that good feeling deep inside, as opposed to when you feel down, uninspired, deflated, and depressed. You need to be self-aware enough to recognize how you’re feeling, and find out what provokes those feelings.


In order to get that wake up call that so many of us love the feeling of, we need to be in a mindset where we’ll be able to receive it. This is one of the main reasons why it’s so imperative to let go of our past, to let go of toxic people in our lives, and to surround ourselves with people that are authentic, and filled with inner beauty. We should not only surround ourselves with these types of beautiful souls and individuals, but we should be around people who bring out the best in us, and those that feel inspired themselves, and that strive to be more enlightened.


Sometimes I wonder why I never received wake up calls when I was younger, and when I went through certain difficult, hard times and situations. But at least, now, I receive them (when I’m lucky and open to them), and I’m able to share the logic that I’ve discovered and learned from my experiences with all of you. This logic came to me with age and experience, and I hope that for anyone going through difficult times, you’ll be able to recognize when you’re in a toxic or negative situation, and get out of it as soon as possible.


Sometimes when we’re in a bad situation, it’s hard to see outside of the box, from other people’s perspectives, and maybe just how bad things really are at times. But if you work on yourself, do some deep soul-searching, and feel confident, knowing how great you are inside and out, then you’ll be much more at peace, and able to receive that wake up call that you’ll likely need in order to get out of any negative situation. 

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