The Best Ways to Lose Weight and Quickly – Part 2


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I want to break down the list I wrote on Part 1 so that everyone will have a better idea of what’s essential to lose weight and quickly. Different things work for different people, but the following list are things that I believe can work for everyone.

1. Get your heart rate up:

Work out, go to the gym, take a hike (literally), make love to your spouse (or lover), do some fast paced walking, jog, run, or whatever you want, but speed that thing up! Did you know that when you work out regularly, you actually burn calories in your sleep! This means you’re basically working out in your sleep, without even trying! Look, for those lazy people that want to see a change in their bodies as they’re breaking in their new sofas, GET OFF YOUR ASS during commercials and do some squats! Laughter is another way to speed up your heart rate, and I’m not talking about a little chuckle. To burn calories, you need a full belly aching, stop making me laugh, type of laugh.

2. Grapefruits for breakfast:

Have you heard of the grapefruit diet? Yes? Well, don’t try it! Why? Because anything in extreme is bad! Every morning, start your day out with a grapefruit. It burns more calories that it takes to consume. Every day? Well, not every single day, because that would be extreme. But, I’d invest in buying a lot of grapefruits. You shouldn’t forgo going out to eat with others, based on your diet. The reason being (if you couldn’t figure this one out) is because it will make you weird to others, and to me! Seriously though, you need to be normal for the mere sake of living and being a normal person, without depriving yourself of life’s beautiful pleasures, like being socially normal, fitting in, and not ordering a grapefruit for breakfast, when your friend is ordering a full blown meal. If your biggest goal in life is to stand out from the crowd, great! But, you don’t have to do so with the way that you eat.

Grapefruits are an amazing source of Potassium and Vitamin C. They also lower blood pressure, so for those concerned about theirs, skip the grapefruits. If you can’t eat grapefruit, eat an apple with the peel on it, and it will do wonders! But, for all others, get out your grapefruit spoons and indulge! Grapefruits are literally one of the best superfoods in my opinion. They’re low in calories, increase your body’s metabolic rate,  and they’re high in fiber, so they make you feel full. I’ll be writing an even more specific article on the health benefits of grapefruit at a later point. For now, just eat them, and see if you don’t lose weight (you will!).

3. Get rid of the bad stress:

There’s good stress and then there’s bad stress. The good stress would probably be things that are hard work NOW, but in the end, give you great results, or some type of fulfilled or accomplished feeling. Good stress is like going to medical school, and it being hard, but paying off when you start helping people, and saving lives. That’s a random example, but I think you get the drift. Bad stress, on the other hand, is just plain, old bad! Bad stress is keeping toxic people in your life that you should seriously let go of. Bad stress is being in a toxic relationship, or listening to people moan and groan about their daily stresses (in which we all have). Bad stress is what causes wrinkles at a young age, which you’ll likely, stress out from as well. Bad stress is having crazy shopping fever, and going to the mall during the holiday season (shop early people!).

Bad stress is what causes illness and shorter duration of life. Bad stress is the mere fact of telling yourself that you’re fat, or how much further you have to go to get to where you need to be. Take the half full approach, and start applauding yourself for reading this, and trying to improve, rather than deflating yourself with extreme expectations that your body, mind, and soul feels the pressure you’re putting on yourself. Be enthusiastic, instead of being hard on yourself. In case you didn’t know, that extra bulge of fat around your belly is called stress fat. Your body gets fatter when you’re stressed out. If you don’t believe that, and you want proven research, you’re an idiot. Stop stressing, and you’ll be thinner.

4. Drink water:

I cannot stress enough the importance of drinking enough water. It’s ludicrous that people even take the time to debate on whether you’re supposed to drink 8 glasses a day or only to drink when you’re thirsty. Really?? It doesn’t really matter, and that’s the bottom line! Don’t drink anything that isn’t completely natural, fresh squeezed, or juiced. Having said that, even if you research going on a juice diet, etc., you will blatantly see that you still need to drink a lot of water. Drinking water is what makes us feel alive! It gives us energy and va va voom! Water gives us beautiful skin, nails, and hair, and you can only imagine what it’s doing on the inside of your body. It makes it so that our food digests properly, and it literally can flush away excess fat (which is the whole point of why you’re reading this!).

5. Sleep it off:

Your body needs sleep. We’ve all heard this before, but many of us (including muah) tends to enjoy staying up late, or simply can’t stop typing, or doing things that stimulate their minds enough to get some proper z’s. There’s something called “ghrelin” which your body makes more of when you’re sleep deprived. Ghrelin tells your body that it’s time to eat. As well, our bodies create less “leptin” when we’re sleep deprived, and that’s what signals our brain to stop eating, so we need to keep our leptin levels up and roaring. Roaring leads to snoring! Get the drift? Sleep is essential in having a healthy and beautiful figure. In order to regulate your metabolism, you need to get enough REM sleep. I’m talking about getting some serious, deep, REM sleep time! Sleep off that fat!

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