Building Healthy Relationships – A Few Useful Life Hacks



Any relationship takes time and effort. Unfortunately, few of us are capable of such round-the-clock work. Before putting an end to the idea of building healthy relationships, read this guide from
uabrides and try to apply these life hacks in practice. They don’t guarantee that your relationship will become perfect in a blink of an eye, but they’ll definitely help you make things better at least for the time being. The rest depends on you.

Remember about eye contact

A long look in your partner’s eyes is a lifeline for any relationship that goes through hard times. Remember that feeling when you had the courage to openly look at her face for the first time? Or the time when you could look each other in the eye for hours on end? A direct, frank look is an important element of seduction as well as close, trusting relationships.

Most often, we perceive the persistent eye contact of strangers as an act of aggression, which leads to irritation and anger. But things are completely different when someone you love looks at you. In this case, “the love mechanisms” in your brain begin working faster. Tenderness, romance, and warmth – that’s what a long look into your loved one’s eyes will give you. And these three aspects are the main characteristics of healthy relationships.

Talk to each other for 10 minutes a day

Sure, you can talk to your partner much longer and more often if you want, but try to find at least 10 minutes a day for a chat. But no everyday life! During these 10 minutes, you should avoid discussing washing, cooking, counting your budget, weekend plans, work, house chores, and anything that belongs to the material world. Devote this time to talking about your feelings, your day, or some concerns about your relationship if you have them.

Such frank and healthy communication in relationships will help you keep that spiritual connection which often breaks under the weight of daily problems.

Show that you care care

Actions literally speak louder than words: we conduct more than 75% of communication non-verbally. Our body, gestures, and actions can say a hundred times more about our relationship than compliments. Cook a delicious breakfast, make her a cup of tea, hug and kiss her, or make a small gift. Even the smallest trifle can make your loved one’s day, and it doesn’t require any significant effort from you.

Spend time apart

Maybe this sounds a bit paradoxical, but the best way to strengthen the relationship is to spend time away from each other more often. Go to the bar with your friends, get a gym membership, or find a hobby. Be sure to have at least a couple of hours once a week free from your partner.

Remember, each of you should have some personal space, untouchable and respected: you don’t bother her during “her time,” while she doesn’t bother you during your hours. Maintain healthy boundaries in relationships.

Don’t be so serious

Usually, people don’t think about building a long-lasting relationship in the first couple of months. So don’t encroach upon her personal freedom and don’t talk about serious plans for the future. Invasion of personal space will always be perceived negatively. Enter her territory gradually, step by step, so as not to scare her away.

Praise her

Remember one more important rule: always praise your women – they love it. And it doesn’t matter who this woman is – your wife, mother, sister, or daughter. Everyone loves praises. But you must understand that praising doesn’t mean flattery. It means looking at your partner with the desire to see her best qualities and emphasize them.

Focus on her merits, share her achievements with her friends, celebrate her career successes, and you won’t even need any tips on healthy relationships at all.


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