Can Sensuality Increase Your Sexual Pleasure?



Sex is great…something we can all agree on. Whether you get your kicks with a romantic partner or via a private cam show online, there’s really nothing quite like it. But what if there was a way to get more out of each and every sexual encounter you take part in? From masturbation to afternoon quickies to the most creative kinks and fetishes, is there a secret to better sex…every single time? Apparently so, and that secret is sensuality.

What Is Sensuality?

As the name suggests, ‘sensuality’ refers to the ability of an individual to take maximum pleasure from all five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. Contrary to popular belief, sensuality does not necessarily have to be directly related to sex or romance. In fact, anything that makes you feel fantastic by stimulating one or more senses technically qualifies as sensual.

This includes eating your favorite foods, watching the sunrise, taking a relaxing bath, going for a massage, and so on. Of course, with sex being one of the most fantastic multi-sensory experiences known to man, it also qualifies as a wholly sensual experience. A good sexual encounter will stimulate all five senses at the same time, building towards an explosive culmination.

But at the same time, this also means that you cannot truly get the most out of sex unless you know what true sensuality is all about. Again, sensuality refers to the ability to take maximum pleasure from all five senses – not focusing on some while ignoring others.

Sensuality Increases Sexual Confidence

There’s a simple reason why sensuality increases as sexual confidence. Much as they may deny it, the vast majority of people feel at least some sense of awkwardness while having sex. Something that stimulates one or more senses prompts them to question their capabilities, their appearance, and ultimately, their confidence. It could be that you’re acutely aware of the fact that you are not quite as toned and muscular as you use to be.  Maybe one or more parts of your body aren’t to your liking, or there’s something else about the experience that’s distracting you from the enjoyment of the whole thing.

This is all perfectly normal (it’s basic human nature), and is something that affects most people on occasion. But it’s also where practicing sensuality can be empowering and confidence-boosting on a level that’s difficult to describe. With sensuality, you stop looking at your body as a lump of meat that’s there to serve a basic purpose.  You instead begin to see yourself as a miracle of nature – a powerful and meaningful entity that can and should take pleasure out of each and every second of life.

At its core, sensuality is about living life in the present moment. It is to surrender yourself to the wonders of life and to stop burdening yourself with meaningless hang-ups. To become sensual is to not just accept your body for what it is, but to love every inch of it. Think about it – how can you possibly perform at your best in the bedroom, if you are shy or insecure about your body?  How would it transform your libido if you become so incredibly proud of your body that you loved showing it off, and using it to its full potential? Sensuality can help you do this and so much more, and could completely transform your sex life in doing so.

How To Be Sensual

Easier said than done?  Perhaps, but we all have to start somewhere. And where sensuality is concerned, the following activities and rituals will help steer your journey toward true sensuality in the right direction:

Learn To Love Your Body

You cannot and will not get the most out of the sex you have if you do not love and appreciate your body.  Accept that the flaws you have make you unique and that nobody is perfect.

Try Meditation

Many of those who have truly mastered the art of sensuality swear by meditation, as one of the best ways to get to know your inner self on a deeper level.

Practice Virtual Sex

Virtual sex online can be a great way to practice the art of sensuality, given how physical contact is completely out of the equation for the duration.

Be Honest and Open With Your Partner

Lastly, honesty and openness hold the key to satisfying sexual relationships.  Speak openly about your hang-ups with your partner, and work through them together.


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