Choosing Good over Evil


Knowing the difference between right and wrong is something that comes naturally to us all. But unfortunately, sometimes people feel that they’re unsure about things, depending on their predicament. As far as I’m concerned, that’s just an excuse that people use to act carelessly on their impulses, without thinking of possible consequences that could arise down the line. We all have the power to choose to do good over evil and to make healthy and positive decisions in life, as opposed to doing things that will give us quick and immediate gratification for the short term. 

It’s imperative to be self-aware and to know that there will always be consequences for your actions. This is why we should choose to do good over evil, and despite the fact that some of us delusionally feel that we’re unsure at times whether the choices we make are good or bad. We all simply have to be in touch with our instincts, because we all know when something is not good for us or when we should hold back from doing certain things that could cause us or others damage later. It’s important to think about your actions in life and to always consider possible consequences of what could happen down the line. Living with regret and feeling remorseful are two things that it’s always best to try and avoid whenever possible. 

When you think carefully about making big decisions, you’ll always be better off. In fact, there are many reasons why you’ll be better off. First of all, you’ll live with little to no regret. Secondly, when you think about what you’re doing or saying before you do or say it, you’ll tend to make less bad decisions. As well, you’ll also be less likely to hurt others or even yourself for that matter. When our instinct tells us that something isn’t good for us, it’s always best to think things through first, and foremost. We should then try to understand why whatever it is might be bad for us, weigh out the positives and negatives, and then make a decision based on those facts.

We should never be impulsive when it comes to making big decisions. This doesn’t mean that we should remain at a standstill or in a place where we can’t make up our minds, because we’re unsure about something. On the contrary, it’s always important to be decisive in life, just as long as you’re giving big decisions enough thought before acting upon them. But more than anything, make sure that you listen to your instincts because usually, they’re right. And when something is toxic or bad for you, or perhaps when you feel that the outcome of certain choices that you might make might hurt you or someone else somehow, it’s best to think twice about doing it altogether. 

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7 thoughts on “Choosing Good over Evil

  1. Excellent Anne!
    Would the choice we make bring more peace for oneself and others or more division and negative consequences?
    Personally, I also avoid making heavy decisions while highly emotional, especially out of anger, they usually end up being the wrong choices. I’ll let my emotions stabilize over about 2-3 days before I’m able to rethink more clearly.
    Thank you Anne!

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