Choosing Light over Darkness



In life, the way that we look at things and perceive them is a big part of what creates our happiness. It’s always good to have an optimistic approach and way of thinking. But more so, when you see that you’re creating a world of misery for yourself by your actions and the things that surround you, whether they’re people or even your own thoughts, it’s important to change things and improve your life for the better. This is why we should choose light over darkness and think of the consequences of our words and actions.

The way that we think is a big factor in what kind of a day we’re going to have. As we all know, moments lead to days, days lead to weeks, months to years, and so on, and so forth. Every day is like a new beginning. Every moment that goes on during each day is a new beginning as well. We can change our perception when it comes to having a closed mind. Sometimes, it’s our fears that are the biggest culprit of creating the darkness we feel, and at times it’s what keeps us from where we want to be in life.

The only time that anyone is truly alone in this world is when they choose to be. If you have faith and believe in God, the fact of the matter is, you’re never really alone. It’s important to try to connect with the beauty within yourself and have faith in God and see His light and love. Don’t let darkness rule and take over your being by the way that you think. It’s imperative that we all choose good over evil.

We all have choices and can truly be our own boss in life. If we choose to be a boss of cruelty, dishonesty, envy, or hate, then that’s our choice. But we can’t expect to acquire happiness and feel light and joy throughout our days when we choose that path of darkness. It’s important to strive towards becoming an enlightened individual and to do good and speak highly of others.

We should all go into each day with a clear mind, a pure heart, and the will to improve ourselves. We shouldn’t fear the unknown or what’s yet to come in our future. But instead, we should live in the moment, be cautious with our decisions, and remember to think of the consequences of our actions. Remember, the way that we think can be altered from bad to good. It’s all in our mind.

We have the capacity to create or destroy, including what goes on in our minds. We can truly create our own path in life that can lead us to a beautiful, healthy, and happy future. I do believe in destiny, but I also believe in being optimistic, making good choices, and choosing good over evil. When it comes to choosing good over evil, we need to think before we act, and by think, I mean not just think of the moment and embrace it, but even more so, to think of the consequences that could arise down the line.

We make our own choices in life. We can choose good or evil, what we perceive to be right or wrong, and ultimately do what we feel we’ll benefit from. Whether we look at our own actions as right or wrong, we have the power within ourselves to choose a light or dark path. We hold the strength within ourselves to do good and be righteous or we can choose to be the types that are more carefree with our actions, dealing with the consequences later.

We all must endure the consequences of our own actions in life. This is why it’s so imperative to be kind to others, to be cautious not to hurt people, and to live our lives in a way that we’ll have long-term light. The way that we can acquire long-term light is usually through short-term darkness. Therefore, instead of being impulsive, and biting the hook for instant and quick gratification that will be short-term light, we should think before we act.

The way that we think is never perfect from birth. The way that we think is something that needs to be altered by learning, growth, and over time, it turns into wisdom. Change the way that you think. If your thoughts are impure and unkind, don’t beat yourself up about it. But instead, try to become aware of those thoughts, and kill them the instant that they arise. Recognize your impure thoughts, and then you’ll have the power to change them.

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