Dating: 10 Reasons Why You Should Be His Biggest Fan


Some people love attention and others, well, they just don’t care for it that much. Some people need to be in the limelight and get all of the attention. They want attention from people that they know and don’t know, but especially, they want attention from their partner. Some people go out of their way to avoid the limelight and prefer a more secluded and private life. Having said that, I truly believe that both types of people whether they’re attention seekers or not, enjoy having their partner give them attention.

Giving attention to your partner doesn’t mean smothering them so that they can’t breathe and go about their daily lives. Giving attention to your partner can be done in moderation or if you and your partner are the types that like to get a lot of attention from each other, even more than moderate attention is good. The last thing that you should do for a person that likes getting a lot of attention is play games with them, like playing hard to get or not giving them the attention that they desire. That won’t go over well with someone that likes to get a lot of attention!

There are certain things that people can do when they’re dating or in a relationship to show their partner that they care. Giving your partner attention is one of the best ways of showing that you’re into them. In a healthy situation, giving your partner attention should never scare them away, but bring them in closer. I wrote this article because I wanted to share some reasons why I feel that it’s best to be your partner’s biggest fan. I truly believe that when you’re his biggest fan, you will both benefit from it in many ways.

Here’s the List:

1. You’re Supportive:

It shows how supportive you are in the things that he does, whether they’re accomplishments or any type of achievements. Being supportive of your love is one of the best ways to stay close, which helps build a long-lasting relationship. Being supportive means everything to a man.

2. You Approve:

Whether he says that he wants your approval or not, he does. When he’s into you, your approval will mean a heck of a lot to him, and definitely more than other people’s approval of what he’s doing or has accomplished.

3. You Have His Back:

He wants to know that you have his back. In the same way that you’ll likely want to have his back, he wants to know that he’ll have yours as well. A relationship goes both ways and you should both equally be there for each other, whether it’s giving each other opinions, or just being there to listen and support one another.

4. You’re Proud of Him:

He wants you to be proud of him. This could possibly be routed to the way he was raised growing up. Either way, he wants you to be so incredibly proud of him, that you feel honoured that he’s yours. Being proud of him will feed his ego, and whether the ego is good or bad, feeding it isn’t a bad thing when you love him.

5. It Brings Closeness:

It will bring you closer and if you’re not already best friends with your lover, you will be soon enough, when you give him the love of being his biggest fan.

6. You’re Happy for Him:

It shows that you care about his happiness when you’re his biggest fan. It’s a way of expressing your love to him outside of the bedroom. Despite how important the bedroom might be to him, supporting him in all that he does is a huge part of having a solid foundation together. It shows that everything’s not always about you and that you get pleasure in his successes.

7. Giving Back the Love:

If you’re dating or in a relationship with him, then it’s likely he’s a great guy and gives you love and support in all of your endeavours. That love and support should go both ways and it’s likely that he needs to know that you care about him too. It’s important to give back the love and show him that you care about him.

8. He’ll Come to You:

You’ll be the first person that he comes to when he wants to share things, whether good or bad. Isn’t that something that you want! It’s important that you are his biggest fan so that when he succeeds at something, you’ll be the first person that he runs to, to tell about it. When he doesn’t succeed or if things don’t go as well as planned, he’ll come to you as well. The last thing that you want is for him to run into the arms of someone else to celebrate or to cry on their shoulder.

9. It Gives Him Strength:

As the old saying goes, a good woman at home is a successful man at work. He’s likely to succeed much more and accomplish his goals and dreams much better knowing that he has a strong backbone and support system at home or in his partner. When a man knows that his partner or his loved one is rooting for him, he’ll have the enthusiasm and desire to go much farther in life. Having a loving woman as a partner gives a man more courage and strength to do his best. A good woman at home or with a partner can make a man shoot for the stars and conquer the world, or try to at least.

10. You Love Him:

Last but not least, being his biggest fan is the best way for him to know that you love him. Love can be expressed in many ways, but when someone completely loves and adores you and shows you in their actions by rooting for you to succeed, it’s the biggest way of expressing your love to your partner.

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