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We’re all good at certain things. While some of us are better at some things, others are better at other things. When you’re in a relationship and your partner is well known, famous, or working in an industry which gives them even the remote possibility of fame and having a fan base one day, you have to be able to deal with their fame, and what goes along with it. 

It’s important to realize that we all get a turn to shine. Despite whether you, your partner, or even the both of you are well known or famous, both people in a relationship should have a turn to shine. We all shine in different ways. Sometimes, people don’t need the attention of others to love them. What many people do need, whether famous or not is to have the attention and love from their partner. 

It takes a lot of strength, will power, patience, and self control when it comes to being famous or dating someone that’s famous and well-known. Even more so, when you have hopes of being in an exclusive relationship. If you’re dating someone that’s famous or well-known, you need to be patient and understanding that they’re going to get a lot of attention. You not only have to be okay with that from the get-go, but you have to be supportive and understanding that it’s going to take patience , love, and support on your end, as well as an understanding of what it takes to be with someone that has any type of fame or fan base. Maybe there’s traveling involved, even if not in the beginning, but down the line – it could happen. You need to be okay with that, and so does your partner.

If you’re the one that’s famous and well-known, and you have hopes of being in a relationship, you need to know what it takes. It’s going to take being with a partner that will be patient, understanding, and supportive of your career choice and path. As well, you’re going to be tempted at times to fall and succumb to being unfaithful to your partner, even on an emotional level. When things like that happen, and again, they’re bound to happen when you’re very well-known and have any type of fan base, you have to be strong, resilient, know the difference between right and wrong, and hold your partner and your relationship as valuable enough to keep it strong, and stay faithful.

There are many people that are living in Los Angeles, those that are working in the entertainment industry throughout the world, as well as many others, that have this toxic and delusional “grass is always greener” affect. It’s truly unfortunate, and although we can’t change the fact that many people view the grass as always being greener elsewhere, even when they have something fabulous at home, we can change our own mentality, and the way that we do things. We have control over our own actions, and even when it comes to the way we think. It’s important to hold people, relationships, and even ourselves in a place with more value than being willing to risk everything good that we might have, when something we perceive as “better” comes along. It’s important not to take our loved ones for granted, and to appreciate them, holding them as valuable and special.

If you choose to date or be in a relationship with someone famous and well known or even if you’re famous yourself, it’s important to be able to separate your job from your personal and romantic life. If you’re unable to be giving and to share your life and time with someone, you should stay single. But if you’re in a place where you are willing to make the time for someone special, and you’re willing to compromise – just like in any other relationship, then go for it. Just know that it will take that much more hard work and effort, because dating a star or someone that’s well known is something that frankly, not everyone can handle.

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