Defining 2019 Office Photocopiers: How to Choose the Right Model



How are the business copiers defined for 2019? What criteria should you be using when it comes to selecting a model, and which of these photocopiers are the best currently available?

Office Photocopier Basics

The modern photocopiers of today are no longer big machines which we used to see in offices around the world. In fact, most multifunction printers and office copiers work on operating principles that are similar which brings about benefits which are also similar, yet not to the exact same extent.

A Definition That Has Become Even More Uncertain

The traditional types of office copiers that used to be the same size as office desks, and around 50 times heavier, were once very different to an office printer, which once sat on office desks and weighed about 50 times less.

Disruptions occurred when the office copiers hooked up to a computer and turned into a printer, and when the printers started merging with scanners which turned them into copiers. They even started getting their very own controls which meant computers were no longer needed to pilot these operations.

Easy To Understand Operating Principles

Learning how to carry out photocopying processes, is extremely easy, it is what goes on inside that is very interesting.

The scanners work by digitizing images that will be printed so that they can be duplicated. The feeders work on automatically pushing one page at a time which does away with the manual need to be next to the copier to ensure each page goes through. The more advanced scanners can even automatically resize an image so that they fit into an A4 document when printed.

The laser scanners along with LED printers, which is a technology that is closely related, along with inkjet printers is an alternative printing technology utilized to put copies of images onto paper.

The Unquestionable Benefits

A high-quality office photocopier is definitely recognized as a valuable investment. With the correct maintenance and servicing these machines can last for a number of years.

Some of the Benefits Linked to Office Copiers Include:

Faster copy speeds

The standalone office copiers feature a higher page per minute (ppm) rating when compared to the multifunctional photocopiers. Some of the high-end models are able to reach more than 90 ppm.

Lower printing costs per page

To begin with, the initial outlay for a photocopy machine may be expensive, but when it comes to per page, the copying costs are very low, especially when it comes to laser printers.


These office copiers are made to withstand heavy use, which makes them the ideal choice for companies that require daily copying.


Improved document finishing-features, like stapling, sorting, and binding

These are features that are less durable and less common in the multifunctional photocopiers.


Outstanding Functionality

The standalone copiers only perform the function of copying, they are highly suited for this purpose. This also usually means they are able to cater for the more complex copying requirements, which include topper thickness, alignments, differing paper sizes, and duplex printing.


Multitasking Features

The high-end photocopying machines are able to connect to many workstations at the same time, along with conducting various tasks for different users simultaneously.

These machines are easy to control and use, with clear and large display panels.

There is no requirement to connect a photocopier to computers to start making a copy, although these machines can operate as a scanner or printer when needed.

The inbuilt memory will mean that any document is backed-up for fast amendments or access.

How To Choose The Right Office Photocopier To Match Up To Your Needs

When you start to compare the office photocopiers, there are a number of factors that you can research so that you can find the machine that matches up to your requirements. This can include color, form-factor, quality, speed, cost-per-page, price, and document-management features.


The multifunctional printers are often used as a copier are usually a lot more compact and are placed on a desktop. The office copiers happen to be much faster along with much heavier and bigger.

With this in mind, both the office copiers and multifunction printers are able to conduct the same tasks (fax, copy, scan, and print) when an office copier connects to a local network.

Monochrome Or Color?

The monochrome machines that are only able to print documents in black-and-white, is still the cheaper alternative to the color photocopiers, and this is even truer when it comes to laser-printing technology.

It is important to note that, if only a few color copies may be needed from time to time, even a monochrome copier or an MFP, can still be used in the form of a color scanner.


The speed is in some cases difficult to determine when it comes to office photocopiers because in most cases only the speed for printing will be mentioned.

The scanning speed should also be accounted for, along with the overall printing speed when it comes to different resolutions and different document sizes. Some of the manufacturers will indicate the CPM value (number of copies per minute).


The copy quality is represented by finding out about two specifications: The Maximum Scan Resolution and the Maximum Print Resolution.

The values that exceed 1,200 X 1,200 dpi (dots per inch) for printing, along with more than 1,200 X 2,400 dpi when it comes to scanning are regarded as ideal for the majority of the business applications.

Document Management Features

These features are actually productivity features that are important for businesses that have copying needs that are more serious.

The Document Management Features will include:

  • The paper capacity along with the number of paper trays
  • The types of paper formats that are supported, for printing and for scanning
  • The availability of an automatic document-feeder, along with paper capacity associated with the document feeder
  • Duplex or automatic double-sided printing
  • Duplex or automatic double-sided scanning
  • Stapling
  • Binding

So to begin with you need to ensure that your investment is sound and that your office really needs this type of machine. Accounting for the overall number of copies and prints needed every month is usually the best place to start. Secondly, if the price of the photocopier is out of your budget, you could consider leasing contracts. These leases also provide other advantages which include comprehensive plans that cover all the photocopying services, repairs, maintenance, and consumables.

The Costs

The costs associated with the photocopier is as equally important as the price of the photocopier. The costs involved for printing are determined by the cost-per-page and dividing this by the ink price by the page numbers that you are able to print with using new ink-cartridges or toners.

To arrive at a more accurate idea when it comes to cost-per-page, the standard maintenance costs, like the price for a “maintenance kit” need to be included, and this is even more true for the laser printers that require more regular maintenance, and this increases even more for the LED copiers.

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