When You Have Different Political Views Than Your Partner



When you’re in a relationship with someone, it’s always best when you’re able to meet eye to eye on important matters. Having said that, you can’t expect that you and your partner are going to have the same views on everything. However, when something is truly and utterly important to you or your partner, you’re likely going to make it more of an issue, and it’s going to end up being a bigger deal than something less significant.

Many times, when it comes to politics, we have different views than our friends and loved ones. But when we’re in a relationship with someone, it can be a lot harder to get along or find a common ground with those types of differences. Many people are very firm when it comes to not dating or being in a relationship with someone that has different political views as them. However, I genuinely feel that true love, and feeling that superb love for another person can conquer those types of differences, and that it shouldn’t really matter, as long as you’re both able to overcome it.

Having said that, a lot of times couples not only won’t be open to dating or being in a relationship with someone that has different political views as them, but they view it as being mandatory to have the same exact views and beliefs when it comes to politics. This is when I tend to write an article about these types of subject matters. You see, love is the most powerful thing in the world, and therefore, it shouldn’t really matter too much if you have different views, as long as you’re able to listen to one another’s views, opinions, and feelings, without developing a bitterness or judging them for it.

Happy and healthy relationships where two people have different political views, will tend to not only be O.K. with their partner’s difference of opinions on political matters, but they’ll tend to laugh it off, or even tease their partner in a lighthearted and loving way. Remember folks, it’s all about finding love and happiness, and if you’re able to get along and be in a relationship with someone where you both have different views on political matters, then I’d say to go for it anyway, and to accept your differences, and most of all, remember to love hard. 

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3 thoughts on “When You Have Different Political Views Than Your Partner

  1. Also, hate sex between a liberal and a conservative is AMAZING! But also, keep in mind that core beliefs are essential in relationships. Without that, it ain’t gonna work.

  2. My ex-girlfriend was a republican when we were a few months into the relationship, and when I found out, I nearly had a stroke. But it never became a thing between us. Actually, it never came up again. But keep in mind, this was back in the days when republicans were still reasonable people. She has since grown a brain. LOL.

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