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It could be that a personal loan is somewhat complicated when you`re a contractor or business owner because of the fact that you file a 1099 form rather than a W-2. You don’t have a traditional pay stub or other similar documents that a lender will traditionally use as proof of income. Even though these facts exist it is still possible to get mortgage loans in Texas and you can still get favorable terms. Here we’ll take a look at what you can do as a self-employed person when you need a personal loan and we will discuss options that you will want to consider.

How To Prove Your Income

When you are less risky the lender will be more open to approving a loan even when you have less documentation because they feel more comfortable that you will be able to pay back the debt. The actual requirements will be different depending on which lender you go to and this could mean that a contractor or business owner will find proving their income somewhat tricky.

Acceptable Items You Can Use To Show A Lender How Much You Make

A bank statement is a great item to show which can help prove what you have in your business accounts as well as your own personal accounts over the last few months. You can also provide financial statements such as profit and loss balance sheets. One of the most common items to prove income would be your efiled tax returns. If you can give them the tax returns of your last two years that will be best.

If you lease property then this can also be used and if you provide this type of item then you might also want to give them your lease agreement. The lender will need to be able to see what your expenses are and how much take-home you get. It’s also possible that you might want to provide them with various business documents so that the lender can see your business is operating legally.

This might mean giving them your business license, any state registrations you have, and other related or similar documents. When you are brand new in business it can be difficult to prove your income. Even if you are expecting a significant increase in income in the coming year or two it’s not something the lender will accept because it hasn’t yet taken place.

Here’s What We Recommend To Help You Improve The Chances Of Getting Approved

When applying for a loan you need to make sure that you’re not overleveraged. You need to demonstrate that you have plenty of liquidity. You will need to be able to provide the lending institution with solid financial records. You should also be able to provide them with good projections. Your personal credit should be in good order and if you are just getting your credit established then you may need to arrange for a cosigner or have collateral.

Here’s Some More Information About Those Considerations

When you make use of a cosigner it will mean that they will sign along with you when getting the loan. When you do this it will mean that not only your credit but also the credit of the cosigner is considered by the lender. This helps you because when you’re newly in business, it’s difficult to prove your income and they can evaluate the income of the cosigner.

This means that the cosigner is as responsible for the repayment of the loan as you are. If you default then it will impact your credit and the co-signers credit. This means that you will need to have a good relationship with the person you’re having cosign the loan.


It is possible to get a loan that is secured by enough collateral. This could be some savings you have in a savings account or it could be an asset that is valued at as much or more than you are wanting to borrow.

Here Are The Five Best Personal Loans For Those Who Are Self-Employed

When you go to get your personal loan you might want to consider an online lender over a traditional bank as they’re sometimes a better option. Traditional banks will often lend money to the self-employed but the online option will sometimes work better. The reason is that they often have less difficult requirements especially with providing income documentation.

1. Earnest

Ernest has low-interest rates available for personal loans whether you have good or very good credit. They don’t have any kind of orientation fee or other fees that would be significant. The repayment terms are often very favorable and you can borrow a considerable amount. Ernest is available throughout the US.

2. SoFi

If your credit is very good or excellent and you have good documentation they can make a loan for you with a very low fixed rate of interest. They also are willing to give loan amounts that are quite high with good repayment terms and no fees. They have one of the lowest APR rates offered for personal loans.Β 

Their loans are available in most States which means you will likely be eligible as long as you live in those areas. There are some other benefits as well once you become a member which includes protection against unemployment, career coaching, and other benefits.

3. LendingClub

This is a place where those with fair credit can get a personal loan. It is also a lending institution that allows co-signers when getting a loan. If you’ve gone to other lenders and had a difficult time then you might consider this institution. The rates are reasonable especially for the fact that they offer loans to those with fair credit. Their overall loan amounts are somewhat smaller but they do offer some larger loan amounts. They do have a few fees that will need to be paid.

4. OneMain Financial

This lending Institution is also one that allows for a co-applicant which means you’re more likely to be approved. They don’t have a minimum credit score that is required and their income requirements are low. Their interest rates are higher than some of the others but still very reasonable when considering they work with those with questionable credit. They also have some fees that will have to be paid with some of their loans.

5. Payoff

When you want a loan to help you consolidate some your credit such as credit cards this is a good choice. They have a loan that is specifically for paying off debt accumulated on credit cards. Their interest rates are more reasonable than credit cards. They do have some fees involved with their loans.

A Final Word

It might mean putting in some extra legwork to get approved for a loan as a contractor or self-employed business person. But when you can provide enough documentation you can very often get some good terms. It will usually require a reasonable credit history.

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