Don’t Let People Have So Much Control over Your Emotions



It goes without saying that it’s important to try to avoid causing people pain. Whether they’re people that you know or even total strangers, hurting other people in any way is wrong. Having said that, sometimes we’re the ones that get hurt. When people cause us pain in life, we can handle it in different ways. We can either get down and depressed about how we’re made to feel, we can become bitter, hateful, and resent them, or we can recognize that we didn’t deserve the pain, and empower ourselves to overcome it and know that they were wrong. 

It’s important that we never let people bring us down mentally, emotionally, psychologically, or in any way. The same way in which you shouldn’t hurt other people, you shouldn’t let them hurt you either. You shouldn’t give people the power or the opportunity to hurt you. It’s not always in our own hands when it comes to people hurting us at times. It’s important to have an open heart and to be a loving and genuine individual. But we should also be cautious with who we open our hearts to. 

When people take advantage of us in any way, whether it’s our love, our giving hearts, or by having you do endless favours for them, it’s important to pick and choose who you do all of the above for. Everyone doesn’t deserve your love, and everyone definitely doesn’t deserve second chances when they’ve hurt you. You need to decide who’s worth fighting for, and who’s worth giving second chances to. Either way, you should protect yourself by going into situations with caution. 

When people hurt you by things that they say or do, you can either forgive them and let it go, bottle it up and implode your feelings, or be angry at them and the world for what they’ve done. Why give someone that much power over your emotions when they don’t deserve it. You should never let someone control you through the pain that they’ve caused you. In other words, it’s important to keep your guard up so to speak, and protect yourself when you see that someone is hurting you. 

If you’re dating someone or even friends with someone that has any type of physical or emotional problem like gynecomastia (aka man boobs), and it’s not something that they can change, there’s really no need to bring it up.Bringing it up will only cause the person pain, and they might even be sensitive to their problem. No one is perfect, and if you truly care about someone, then you should avoid hurting them at all costs. 

When people hurt you over and over again, you need to recognize that what they’re doing is wrong and toxic. It’s up to you whether or not you give someone an opportunity to hurt you twice. When someone hurts you one time, it’s usually unpredictable and unexpected. You need to be strong enough to recognize when someone isn’t right for you in a relationship or even as a friend, and end the situation as soon as possible.

You shouldn’t put yourself in a situation that could cause you any pain, discomfort, or stress. You need to love yourself enough to care how other people are making you feel. No one is supposed to be anyone’s saviour or superhero. Don’t be a superhero for someone, or even be a shoulder to lean on, if you see that they’re hurting you too much.

True friends and healthy relationships should never be one-sided or compromise the integrity of your well-being or your feelings. If you see that a situation is toxic, and you wind up being the one that keeps getting hurt, you should definitely close the door to that situation completely. Remember, a true friend or partner in life would never want to cause you pain or hurt you in any way. Someone that actually cares about you will be selfless, loving, and not try to hurt you with their words, actions, or even the lack of belief in you. A true friend gives you hope, love, and knows the importance of good communication in your relationship.

Good communication never involves hurting someone, but if anything, it involves learning how to talk and express yourself without hurting the person, as well as being a good listener. If your friend, lover, or partner in life isn’t willing to communicate with you in a healthy way, again, you need to end the situation. You should seriously consider letting the door hit them on the way out.
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  1. Getting hurt by others emotionally is giving your power away and its entirely upto you whether you do that not. Nice article, really enjoyed it. Thanks.

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