Don’t Turn off the Light



I’m right here,

Just trying to get by.

Yearning for more,

Learning to fly.

Turn on the light.

I’m here, can’t you see.

Open your eyes.

You know, I still believe.

Wrecking me is easy.

I’m a wreck, Such a fool.

I melt in your clothing,

But, don’t I look cool.

Protect me, I’m fragile.

Hold me ever so tight.

Your kisses, they haunt me.

Can’t put up a fight.

Turn on the light, baby.

Can’t sleep all alone.

I fear all this darkness.

It’s time to come home.

I dreamt of you last night.

I’m in your dreams as well.

Shine your light on me.

Got me under your spell.

You posted a picture.

Like you did, from the start.

You place your hand on me.

Right over my heart.

Don’t turn out the light.

Let me look at you once more.

Lying in your arms tonight,

You know I want more.

Your love is divine.

Your eyes, how they shine.

The epitome of grace.

Let them be mine.

The light that I see.

This weight is now gone.

Your light carries me.

For you, I wrote this song.

Don’t turn off the light.

I’m here, can’t you see.

I see you as perfect.

Just perfect, for me.

Anne Cohen
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