Double Standards in Relationships


In relationships, both people should feel equally satisfied. There should always be balance and enough effort put into things by both people. One of the most important things that couples need to do, is to make sure that they’re doing their share of things in their relationship. And part of doing your share, is by making sure that you put enough effort into everything on your end.

One-sided relationships never work, and never bring about happiness for couples. For some couples, they’ll see that at times, their partner has certain requests or wants things done a certain way. And that’s all normal, fine, and dandy, but when anyone requests special treatment, or has certain expectations of their partner, they need to make sure that they, themselves are willing to do those very same things. If they’re not able to do the types of behaviours and actions that they’re requesting of their partner, it’s a double standard, and their relationship is clearly one-sided.

Both people in a relationship need to hold up their end of the bargain. They need to both equally work hard towards maintaining the love and happiness in their relationship. And if either person in a relationship has certain requests or expectations of their partner, they need to make absolutely sure that they’re doing those same things. It’s completely unfair for one person to have certain requests or expectations of the other, while they can’t even do them themselves.

You should never settle for being in a one-sided relationship where your partner gets special treatment and gets what they want all of the time, while you end up feeling as if things are inadequate and one-sided. No one should settle for less than what they want or deserve in life. So if you’re in a relationship that’s one-sided where you seem to be meeting your partner’s needs and expectations, while they’re never meeting any of yours, or even worse, if they’re expecting certain things of you when they’re not doing them themselves, you should end the relationship.

We all deserve to have happiness in life and to be treated with a certain amount of respect and kindness. In a healthy relationship, respect, love, and kindness goes both ways. I know so many people that are willing to settle for a partner who treats them poorly, and they’ll stay in a one-sided relationship just for the mere sake of not being alone or for the fear of having to once again be in the despicable dating scene. They’ll stay, because they can’t imagine being without their partner. Meanwhile, their partner is treating them poorly and their situation is one-sided, so they should really think about what they’ve gotten so attached to and how toxic it actually is for them.

The longer that you stay with someone, and the more that you postpone a one-sided or toxic relationship, the harder it will be to remove yourself from it, because likely, you’ll end up getting more and more attached. This is why during early dating, and throughout relationships, especially in the beginning though, it’s important to recognize red flags or any signs that someone is doing things one-sided.

Make sure that your relationship is healthy and fair in all aspects. And this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should both be doing the exact same things as part of your share in your relationship. However, when both people focus on doing things that they can on their end, things get accomplished, and a relationship that has balance is a happy one. But never, and I mean never settle for someone who has certain expectations of you, but can’t seem to live up to their own expectations.

Being fair in a relationship is imperative, and especially when you have certain requests from your partner. You should never request that your partner acts or does certain things that are not only outside of their comfort zone, but also, when you’re not willing to do them yourself. Either way, the ultimate goal for couples should be to have a happy and healthy relationship. And in order to attain such happiness is by having enough balance, by being fair, and by doing your share of things in a relationship. No one should have unrealistic or unreasonable expectations of their partner. And if your partner requests certain things to be done by you, then they need to be willing to do them as well.

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