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A living room is a centerpiece of your home and it needs to be designed as such, while still being able to fulfill many purposes. It should be flashy enough to entertain your guests and showcase your taste, but still comfortable enough to relax and enjoy.

It’s possible to mix and match different styles when designing a living room. An eclectic style can work if there’s a theme that binds it together and it’s that theme that your design should start with.

A Color Pallet

Choosing a series of core colors is a great first step in living room design because it will provide the backdrop for the rest of the room and serve as a focal point. Once you have the central color pallet, you’ll know which individual pieces could work with it and which are too much.

It’s best if you choose a mild and neutral color for this purpose. That way all of your décor will pop up and become more noticeable, using the neural color pallet as the backdrop to showcase your aesthetic. Once you choose the core pallet, you’ve limited what kind of accent colors you can use. 


Many decide to experiment with colors and designs as a whole but hesitate to mix and match different materials. It’s a mistake not to try to do as much as you can in terms of using all the materials you got. It’s true that you might need to invest in tools such as Diamond Blades used to cut brick and stone, but once you have those, additional design options open up for you. 

When it comes to experimenting with the materials, it’s important not to go overboard and to use eccentric materials so that they pop up and attract attention.


Living rooms are usually large and have big blank walls that present a problem when it comes to design. Blank walls are noticeable and they can be a bit boring. It’s important to plan out how you plan to use this space. Many decide to put up a gallery wall on which they place lots of different artwork and make the whole wall a bit crowded and rather noticeable.

If this doesn’t suit your aesthetic, it’s possible to experiment with wall lights and thus make the wall both more interesting and more functional.

Pattern Play

There’s a lot of ways to make your design more vibrant and innovative while sticking to the theme of mixing and matching eclectic design ideas. One of them is to play with patterns and see where it will take you and how it will change the room.

It’s best to decide on the two core tones and pattern themes and to mix and match them across the room. Anything more than that will seem to be too complicated and even tiring, which is not a good look for a living room, and anything less will seem monochromatic.

Statement Objects

Every living room should have one statement object that’s a bit outlandish and that’s there to convey your aesthetic and your message towards those who visit your home. It’s also important that it should be only one object and no more, because otherwise the set up may look crowded and even in poor taste.

It’s also useful to start the design with this statement object and to work from there. That way the rest of the room can come around it and neither the object nor the rest of the room overshadow each other.

How to Clean the Room

A living room needs to be clean and presentable at all times. That means you’ll need to clean it thoroughly on a regular bases and to design the room with this goal in mind. If the room is designed so that you need to move around all the furniture to clean it, it’s not doing its job as it should have. 

It’s therefore important to figure out how often you need to clean the room and who will do it.  Once you know these details you can start designing the room.

Have Fun

The best thing about going for an eclectic look for your home is that there are not that many rules to slow you down or make the room and your home boring. Designing a room is in a way an artistic experience and it should be fun.

This goes for the experience of choosing the design but also for the experience of using the room on the day to day basis. The room should make you feel comfortable and be fun and exciting to spend time even after a while if it’s designed with care.

A living room is the centerpiece of the home and the design of it should show it. It’s fine to mix and match materials, styles, and go for a broad and eclectic look. The best way to test your work is to ask yourself do you enjoy spending time in your new living room.

Diana Smith

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