Effectively Treating Depression Symptoms With Aromatherapy



Unfortunately, we live in a time when depression and anxiety are very common. It’s important to be able to identify their symptoms. Sometimes, people have symptoms of depression, but they don’t pay attention to them. This tends to make their lives even more difficult. People who suffer from depression have very low self-esteem; they are moody and sad, and they feel like there was a dark cloud above their heads that would never go away. Even though depression is a serious mental illness that requires medical attention, there are some other ways to alleviate the symptoms a bit, and aromatherapy is one of them.

How Does It Work


Over the course of history, people have been using scents and smells to brighten the atmosphere and improve their own mood. When you think about it – smell is one of the most basic ways we are attracted to another person, which is why we have put so much trouble into discovering different perfumes. The human mind has always reacted positively to nice smells and scents, and if you think about it, there will probably be a particular smell you connect to a pleasant memory. The secret of aromatherapy is to use this deep connection and to take advantage of the strong smells of essential oils to improve your mood. Although it might sound a bit esoteric, it’s quite simple and logical. Where would you feel better – in a bright room which smells like fresh roses or in a bar that’s filled with cigarette smoke?

Methods Used in Aromatherapy

It’s very important to use pure oils and not synthetic or artificial scents. A simple way to add more pleasant smells to your life is to use diffusers or room sprays, which will spread pleasant smells throughout the room. One of the most effective solutions is to mix essential oils with massage oils, and you’ll get a complete sense of relaxation. Be careful not to apply pure essential oil to the skin, though, but rather add a drop or two to massage oils instead. By far the simplest way to add more pleasant smells is to use scented candles – go out and buy high quality wholesale candles in a bulk and keep them around the house. Another great option to relax and calm your mind is to use scented bath salts in a tub, as it will turn your bath into a luxurious and relaxing experience.

The Most Popular Oils

Essential oils are particularly popular due to their versatility. Rose oil is among the most widely used ones, but if roses aren’t exactly your cup of tea, there are lots of different essential oils to choose from. Pick sandalwood, jasmine, lavender, basil, bergamot, neroli, geranium… The list goes on, but we’d like to point out vanilla for a moment. It was widely used in experiments and it turned out to have a soothing effect. After vanilla therapy, patients seemed to have a better appetite and overall better mood. Bergamot is also great for improving mood, as it stimulates your brain and creates a sense of joy while using lavender in your bedroom will improve your sleep and reduce your stress levels.

Remember the Basics


Even though smells and aromatherapy can be a great way to alleviate symptoms of depression, you should understand that nothing will ‘cure’ your depression other than therapy and sometimes prescription medication. You should try to find different ways to help your mind and body cope with depression symptoms, but you should also regularly visit a therapist and see what they recommend you do to keep the illness under control. We can’t stress how important it is to talk to someone about what’s bothering you. Don’t try to shut the world out – there are people who care about you and who can help you if only you reach out.

Therefore, do consult with the professionals to help you find the best path to recovery, and bear in mind that if you use certain aromas, the road to success is bound to be much more pleasant, and faster, too.

Diana Smith

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