Why You Should End Toxic Relationships


At times, doing the right thing isn’t easy. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do what’s right, just because it’s uncomfortable or challenging. It’s important to live our lives in the most righteous manner possible. As well, we should all strive to be better people, and to do things that are all based out of a pure and good place. Having said that, sometimes others aren’t kind to us, and we need to remove them from our lives by ending friendships, and even family relationships, especially when they’re completely toxic. Something that we should I remember is that, it’s not only others that are toxic. At times, we’re the most toxic of them all.

There are toxic people everywhere in life, and it’s always best to avoid them as much as possible. We can’t control the actions of others—only our own actions. And that’s why we’re supposed to strive hard towards becoming the best version of ourselves, to be kind, loving, and to act with decency, and in a righteous manner. Sometimes people have relationships, and whether they’re friends or family, and they’re completely toxic to them in many ways. They bring them down, they’re unsupportive, and they might even wish them bad because of envy or jealousy. Some people are even racist, prejudice, and judge you based on fear or hate, and act cruely to you because of it. It’s important to do your part in life by being kind, loving, and accepting of all people, regardless of what they look like, where they’re from, the colour of their skin, their ethnic background, or even their religion.

Some people are toxic because of issues that they have in their own personal lives. And many times because of other people’s issues, whether consciously or unconsciously, they project their agony, stress, and worries onto others. You should never let other people hurt you in any way. And if someone is taking advantage of you as a person, by making you feel bad for any reason, including projecting their own stresses onto you, you should not only avoid them as much as possible, but you should end those relationships, because at the end of the day, they’re only going to cause you stress and discomfort.

It’s important to always have good intentions in life, and to do things that are routed from love and kindness. Like I said before, we can only control our own actions in life, and that’s why it’s important to be the best version of ourselves. But when other people in our lives act selfishly, and are careless about how they’re affecting you, you should distance from them as much as you can. It’s true what they say, that “love makes the world go round.” Everything that you do in life should be based out of such a pure and loving place, and when you see people in your life that aren’t living their lives in the same type of righteous and loving manner, then you need to reevaluate those relationships, and choose to surround yourself with more enlightened individuals.

As unfortunate as it may be at times, we need to end relationships with people, even when it’s hard to do. And at times, if only to get some sanity and peace. Whether it’s hard to end certain relationships because they’re family, or even whether they’ve been childhood friends of yours since back in the day, you need to do what’s right for you today. You can’t live in the past, and you shouldn’t hold onto toxic relationships with people whether they’re your friends or family simply because you’re used to them, or because you feel somehow obligated to keep them in your life. If someone truly wants to be in your life, then they won’t take advantage of your love and kindness, or want anything for you that isn’t the best.

People should treat others how they want to be treated themselves. I’ve never been a big fan of people that bully others. And if anything, whenever someone tends to bully someone else, I’m almost always on the side of the one who’s getting bullied. You should never be friends or keep any type of relationship with someone who’s a bully. You see, believe it or not, you start to become like that bully. This tends to happen even when you’re a good person, and yes, even when you start out telling that bully not to be so cruel or evil. Keeping toxic, negative, and people of the sort in your lives, including bullies, rubs off on you, and makes you start to become like them. Remember, set an example by being a good person. And never, and I mean never keep people in your life that are toxic. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who strive to be better people, despite how close you might have been in the past.

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