Having Enough Self Respect To Walk Away


There are a lot of things in life that we have to walk away from. It is a natural part of life to leave some people and things behind as you age, but it doesn’t always come easy. For some people, this is a painless process that doesn’t require a second thought. Then you have people like me who are so insecure of losing people and things that we hang on with a death grip onto everything, especially the things we shouldn’t.

Toxic friendships, ugly sweaters, old worn out letters. Emotional hoarding is a thing, and it is a thing I am very good at. Unfortunately, it is far from healthy. My husband has had to hold my hand as I’ve cut ties, burned bridges and thrown out sentimental junk that was holding me back since our relationship began. I’m still learning how and when to walk away for myself.

We take care of plants a couple of days a week and it has actually taught me quite a bit about the concept of pruning your life. Every week I make sure that there are no dead or dying leaves taking energy from the plant, dust it off and give it water. In the same way, I have to remove things that act as emotional vampires, make sure I’m not being weighed down by junk and remember to take of myself. It’s actually very easy to forget to eat when you are chasing a toddler around all day.

There are a lot of reasons to walk away from things not meant for you. Your own health, sanity and happiness are up there on the list, but respecting yourself should be in there too. Respect yourself by not allowing yourself to be stolen from in terms of energy. Respect your own time by not wasting it on people and things that aren’t good for you. Respect your own emotions by removing yourself from situations where they get toyed with.

You are in charge of setting up your boundaries, and you are in charge of enforcing them. You can’t set them and leave them, you have to back them up with action if the need arises. There is no way for you to force someone else to do something you want, but you do have the ability to remove yourself from the situation or react in an appropriate way.

If you learn to respect yourself, other people will follow your lead. A person who respects themselves is very obvious to those around them and an inspiration to many. You will gain much by respecting yourself to walk away.

In refusing to do so, you’ll lose your time, energy, health, happiness, and a future much brighter than the dim one you cling to so desperately. Have the confidence in the future and what is in store for you to walk away with your head held high and hope in your heart.

Georgia K

5 thoughts on “Having Enough Self Respect To Walk Away

  1. Your blog post is point on. I had to break a toxic relationship from my baby sister & family. While it hurt, I learned I did the right thing to walk away and never look back. I was not going to have someone in my life who was consistently creating drama where there was none. I was tired of defending myself when she or her husband started drama. The last time was the last straw. I have forgiven her but have moved on and refuse to have anything to do with her.

  2. I can totally relate to needing to walk away from toxic relationships and setting boundaries. I’ve found that the more I set boundaries, the less toxic relationships I enter into. Loved your article!

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