Feeling Good


I think that we can all agree that Nina Simone said it best, when she sang “Feeling Good.” Not that, Michael Bublé didn’t match her, he did. Those lyrics are insane! It’s almost hard to tell when a truly gifted singer is bursting out sound from their vocal chords or if it comes straight out of their soul. It’s kind of miraculous actually. Christina Aguilera is a good example of that as well. Where does that type of talent come from! We all have different gifts. Every single person does something that another would view as an incredible gift. Everyone should love and feel good about themselves. There’s beauty in all of us. Beauty comes in many forms. Let me enlighten you.

Some people carry wisdom at a very young age, where one might think that only an old man or woman is capable of. Some have an inner beauty that runs so deep that it penetrates your mind and makes you question if they’re really like that or if it’s an act. Some have exterior beauty that makes you gasp for air upon seeing G-d’s beautiful creation. Some have intelligence that can literally run circles around your brain and you ponder, how did they not study and yet still ace that exam, and especially when you had to study all night long and still ended up with a B.

Some people are so funny that in a dry, regular talking voice they can get you on your knees begging for mercy, so you would stop laughing for just a minute. Some people are creative and have imaginations that run wild like a hail storm and they write books and books and blow you away with their creative minds. Some people paint and it flows as if the tip of their brush was part of their actual body. Some people dance and have this amazing rhythm and can feel the music bleeding in their bones.

The beautiful thing about life is that we all have a gift and we simply need to let go of what everyone wants us to be and find ourselves so that we can discover what our gift is. Explore the world! Travel and discover yourself! Dance, sing, skate, fly, pray, and try everything you find interesting and appealing, and then embrace the feelings that those experiences bring about. Everyone has their own beliefs and views on things. Some are instilled in us by our families, and from a very young age, where we never really got a chance to discover ourselves, and what feelings and views that we would’ve naturally had and what things that we would have naturally gravitated to on our own.

Be free and let go of instilled behaviors and try something new. You don’t have to change if something feels wrong. But, the lack of knowledge could haunt you at an old age if you don’t explore more while you’re younger. I believe in keeping traditions in my religion and I find much beauty in that. However, the knowledge and wisdom that is at our fingertips to learn more, grow and expand all of our views and desires will only make us individually better as human beings for ourselves and to each other. Exploring other cultures, religions, and different viewpoints can open our eyes and let us see things from other people’s perspectives, even when or if we ultimately choose a different path. Remember, live life to the fullest by discovering yourself and being open-minded, and in all that you do, remember to feel good.

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