Finally Okay, Without You



Another year has gone by.

I’m finally okay.

Just wanted to say.

It’s better this way.

This Thanksgiving Day. I’m finally okay.

I’m finally okay, without you.


Your voicemail hasn’t changed.

I don’t miss you today.

That’s probably why.

You just sound the same.


Time seems to pass.

Forever’s gone by.

Missing the time.

When once you were mine.


Thought I should say.

Since you’re needing a nudge.

Well, someone should say.

Not even a budge.


What does it take?

Isn’t something at stake.

Do you know what’s worthwhile?

Is this just another break?


If it was all just a test,

I know now I failed.

You were the serpent,

I wish that I bailed.


I wish every day,

I didn’t do what I did.

Horrible sin.

Crying from within.


You think I don’t miss you.

My baby, you’re gone.

I know that you’re with me.

Just part of a song.


How I wish you said yes.

How I wish I said no.

How I want to be grateful.

How I want us to grow.


I know what is hidden.

Your soft-spoken words.

The ones that you hide.

While singing to the birds.


I give up now, you win.

Just take me apart.

You don’t know what I want.

You were broken from the start.


I sat right beside you.

You said that showed you love.

Wish you could see it.

How much you were loved.


Time never showed you.

You deserve that kind of love.

You couldn’t believe it.

We had more than enough.


Now your lemon trees are gone.

You gave them all away.

A few bottles to spare.

But you didn’t like to share.


You say you really knew me.

That you knew my whole heart.

Then where did the question lie?

From finish to start.


I feel, there’s this moment.

I forget how angry I am.

All of the things you’ve said and done.

I need a simple kind of man.


This song starts to replay.

The anger subsides.

A perfect sort of sound.

With lyrics to die.


I feel that you’re with me.

I’m strong but alone.

I take it you don’t need me.

You’re finally gone.


I’m finally okay, without you today.

Listening to this song.

I’m finally okay.

Finally okay, without you.


You thrive in the darkness.

Enjoy hiding the light.

Keep those you love darkest.

You’re my star late at night.


I hear this song,

One of many that play.

I forget all my fury.

It’s just that kind of day.


I forgot how to love.

From the cries that I hide.

The feelings I bury.

They’re buried deep inside.


Have you figured it out?

Can you get in the mood?

How many years does it take?

Can you finally break through?


Let’s try to get it right.

Let’s do what we should.

I know that you want to.

Believe me, we’re good.


I am what you’re not.

You are what I am.

When I look into your eyes.

I know that you’re my man.


Finally okay, without you today.

Better at feeling when you are away.

Finally happy, that I forgot you today.

It’s hard to forget, so happiness waits.


Sometimes I wonder

Was I just some girl?

Kiss your mom’s cheeks.

A love out of this world.


Missed out on a lot.

My, what could have been.

Always thought of us.

And what should’ve been.


I forget now.

But that is okay.

There’s a really good chance.

It’s better this way.


I’m finally okay, without you today.

It’s really okay.

I know I’ll be okay.

Really okay.

Just wanted to say.

I’m finally okay, without you.

Anne Cohen
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