When You Find the Right Match – You’ll Know It


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When exploring a new relationship, things should naturally flow to a certain extent. Talking, sharing, chemistry, and having fun together should all feel natural. You shouldn’t have to force the right situation to work. As well, you should never have to force feelings—they’re either there or they’re not. But unfortunately, many of us want what we want, even when nothing flows and it’s almost as if we’re having to force two “almost” matching puzzle pieces together—when they don’t really fit. Now, if you think about it, no one should be willing to force something when it doesn’t fit. I mean, after all, that’s like settling for being with “almost” the right match. Why would anyone want that.

Love yourself enough to know that beautiful things in life, such as finding that one special someone, happens when it happens, and sometimes, when we least expect it. We can’t just snap our fingers and demand to have our soulmate right here and now. I highly doubt that G-d will like such high demands and expectations. Although, I am a big fan of prayer. However, when we know what we want in a partner or at least have some idea of what we’re looking for, and when we’re patient and don’t settle, but rather wait for that special someone who brings that amazing feeling into our lives, we should naturally feel as though we’re on cloud 9.

The honeymoon phase is something that you should naturally experience when a situation flows, and when things feel right, as if you’re with the right match. If you’re not feeling excited about a new situation, something must be wrong, and I really can’t tell you what that is, other than, you might not be with the right match, and you just might be dating that “almost” right match. Be willing to wait for the right person, rather than jump the gun and get involved with someone who you kinda sorta like. Don’t waste your time or anyone else’s time by pursuing a situation that you don’t feel excited about.

Everything new is exciting. New shoes, new clothes, new car, new hairstyle, whatever. When things are new, there’s a level of excitement that we get, and the same thing should happen when you’re in a happy and healthy situation. You should feel that honeymoon-like feeling when you get involved with someone new. You should feel good, happy, and excited about getting to know this beautiful soul.

After seeing the person you’re involved with, you should go to sleep at night thinking happy thoughts, feeling good, inspired, and full of life and love. You should be happier having this sweet someone come into your life and share their time with you, rather than feeling unhappy, confused, depressed, or where you start to lack inspiration or the motivation to get out of bed in the morning. When you’re with the right person, you might even go to sleep with a smile, and wake up with one just the same, and you’ll feel full of light, good spirits, and positive energy, where you’ll jump out of bed wanting to get things done, and where you look forward to the next time that you talk to or see the person.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be alone than with the wrong person. I’d rather not go out on casual dates—even to the best places that this world has to offer, and coequal with truly beautiful souls, when I know that they’re not the right match for me. I’d rather spend Friday nights, Saturday nights, and O.K. Sunday nights too—all alone, rather than be with someone when I feel as if He or I am having to force feelings, where nothing flows, and where I don’t feel excited to the extent that I know I should early on. Like I said before, the honeymoon phase is a the best way to tell that you’re in a promising situation. Without it, it’s almost as if you’re forcing things.

Now I can’t speak for everyone, but I can honestly tell you, that when you’re with the right person, you suddenly feel appreciative and thankful in so many ways. You feel lucky and blessed to have found this special being. You feel optimistic, content, zen, and as if you can finally let out a big sigh of relief knowing, that just maybe, this is the one. Having said that, just know that although the honeymoon phase is something that we should definitely feel early on when things are right, it’s still important to work on maintaining what you have in your relationship. Good things in life take love, effort, and dedication.

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  1. Hi Anne, this is such a great post and I have really enjoyed following your blog recently. I just nominated you for a Blogger Recognition Award.
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