Find the Right Support for Your Small Business Database


As a small business owner, there are many things for you to consider when it comes to the management and support of your database system. This support and technology will be the core for your company, and in its absence, most of your business processes will suddenly come to a screeching halt. Remember that your business can only progress if you implement the right things. Whether it is about budget, logistics, acquiring goods, or other aspects you need to be efficient. Make sure that you have access to the best and implement smart strategies. This is why, as a business owner, you must ensure that your database gets the support it needs.

Do Not Let Database Management Make You Scared of the Costs

When it comes to your database system’s support and management, you should not be afraid of the costs. At the same time, there are several options available for you in the market, and they are hiring a:

  • Hiring a senior DBA (database administrator)
  • Freelance database support consultant
  • Independent firm for database consulting and management
  • Managed IT, service provider

What Are the Key Tasks of a DBA?

When it comes to any DBA’s role, the core tasks of the professional will always be crucial for the health of your SQL and Oracle server databases. With the advent of new infrastructures and tools, you will only find they are becoming more and more complicated with time. The following is an account of how the DBA’s core tasks have evolved with the adoption of the latest technologies. The modern DBA today needs to offer support and manage a wide range of automation responsibilities with:

  • Capacity planning – With the growing adoption of the modern cloud, the DBA needs to provide what the business presently needs instead of providing physical hardware that will last for about three to four years. Today, skilled DBAs are aware of their organizations’ demand cycles, so they utilize the capability of the cloud to accommodate this rise in demand.
  • Performance tuning – As more companies are leveraging the cloud’s benefits in some way, modern DBAs are adapting themselves to keep pace with how they can optimize their database performance. They are becoming educated as new features are introduced every month on the cloud. This permits them to offer valuable recommendations on the type of new functionalities deployed to boost database performance.
  • Monitoring the capacity planning – Enterprise applications are becoming increasingly complex, and supervising the generic performance levels is not sufficient. The modern DBA leverages different technologies for monitoring, and this helps it develop custom alerts and scripts that are specific to the business applications.
  • Security of the database – Another concern of the database system is its security, especially for businesses that leverage the cloud for their business. This will always be a continued responsibility of the company’s DBA.

Experts from a reliable name in database management remote dba state that when it comes to the parts of the company’s database that holds critical business data, they need to be educated about them. They must ensure that all the procedures for change and control allow only authorized employees access to these sensitive database systems.

Getting the Database Support That You Need for Your Business

It is prudent for you to get customized database support for the seamless operations of your business. As a small business owner, you should ideally look for 24/7 x365 days coverage for your database issues that take place inside the organization and outside, especially after business hours. If your system experiences any error in the night and there is no DBA to fix it, your business will be impacted negatively in a large way.

If you hire one DBA for your company, that single person will not be able to monitor your system 24/7. Unless you do not have a team of skilled DBAs working in your company, there are lapses of time where your database goes without maintenance or monitoring. The same holds for independent consultants and firms as they work with many customers. They can’t dedicate full-time attention to database support while assisting with other strategic projects.

A managed IT service provider will administer continuous support besides taking up project-specific initiatives. With 24/7 round-the-clock support, issues are detected. They can be promptly resolved, reducing the amount of time the data is at risk to reduce the chance of any information getting compromised.

Industry Experienced

Besides sufficient support, you need a DBA to manage the database system with the experience and the knowledge to do so effectively, starting with your business needs and operations. In this way, you do not have to waste time explaining the business processes to an IT professional who has no experience with working with your systems.

Having Just Experienced Is Not Enough

An experienced DBA will be aware of your business; however, merely keeping an internal DBA means that the professional might not know the latest DBMS tools and technological advancements to discover the best practices for database management and its opportunities. This will cover performance running, security, etc.

Latest Technologies and Training

When you search for effective database support, you need to ensure the expert has the latest knowledge across projects, solutions, and architectures to manage a wide range of database systems like table extends backups and optimization. Managed IT service providers and consultants can handle all sorts of database architectures and know the industry so that your business gets the maximum value from your database not only now but in the future as well.

Last but not least, you must hire a DBA that is affordable for your company. If you cannot hire a team of experienced and qualified internal DBAs for your business, you should rely on remote database management companies for your needs. They have a team of qualified and highly skilled DBAs who will look into your database system’s unique needs, offering you the customized solutions that your business deserves for optimal performance.


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