Find Your Zen Zone – A 5-Step Guide to Creating a Personal Sanctuary



The majority of people live extremely busy lives these days. Busyness leaves them almost no time to relax and unwind properly. That’s exactly why more and more of them decide to create their personal sanctuary in their homes, transforming their living rooms into unique zen zones. If you’re up for that, too, just keep on reading. Here are five steps you should take to make it happen, so check them out and get down to business!

1. Start With a Clean Slate

The first and the most important step towards transforming your living room into your personal sanctuary is de-cluttering so that you can
start with a clean slate. Removing all visual distractions is what you should do, as a chaotic and messy home can lead to anxiety and stress. Chaotic home = chaotic mind, right? Of course, this may be a big challenge, but you know what? Once you’re done with it, you’ll feel cleansed. All you have to do is to be strict on yourself and get rid of all the items you haven’t used in a year or more. There will probably be things you forgot existed, so throw them away as well and continue to the next step.

2. Use Low-Impact Colors

As for the colors you’ll use to paint your walls, we must say that low-impact ones are the best ones out there. Pastel colors such as soft lavender and pale green are always a good choice. Don’t forget the other shades such as sky blue, grass green, and pure white. These will set the tone for relaxation and allow you to let go of all your worries. This is just what you need when creating a personal sanctuary. On the other hand, shades like bright yellow, deep red, and fiery orange should be avoided at all costs. These are too bold and may disturb your peace of mind, so opt for softer shades instead and you’ll see what we were talking about.

3. Dress Your Windows


As you probably already know, natural light is an extremely important factor when it comes to your overall well-being. It can inspire positive thoughts and motivate you to be more creative and active. However, you should dress your windows in order to achieve a zen state of mind, so get quality curtains in the first place. Sheer fabrics such as linen and different blends are always a good way to go since these will create a soft yet stylish look, so be sure to visit a
designer curtains shop and find your perfect curtains that’ll provide a sense of coziness. All you have to do is to stick to a neutral color palette and you won’t make a mistake.

4. Bring the Outdoors In

The next step is bringing the outdoors in. It is achieved by adding the touches that will fill your living room with peace and serenity. You should definitely
start with greenery, so choose leafy plants that feature both green and yellow plants and place them strategically all over the room. These will make you calm and close to nature while improving the indoor air quality at the same time. Plants such as cacti are also more than welcome. You can also put other potted plants into hanging baskets and hang them on the ceiling. Apart from looking extremely nice and stylish, these will make you more relaxed, too. This is a benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked either.

5. Create a Happy Spot

Knowing that you have your own happy spot where you can sit, meditate, relax, or take a nap will get you in the zone. It will certainly boost your mood whenever you feel down. That is why you should come up with it as soon as possible. The first thing to do is to pick a seat you feel comfortable in. Either a big armchair or a beanbag on the floor will do the trick. Then add your favorite family photos and a few books you love to read and play your favorite music. Relax here for at least 20 minutes every day and give yourself some time to unwind and reboot.

As you can tell, transforming your living room into your personal sanctuary doesn’t have to be as tricky as you probably thought. All you need to do is to stick to our five useful tips. Once you do this, you’ll find your zen zone in the comfort of your own home – that’s a promise!

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