Finding Peace: What to Do If You Never Got to Say Goodbye to a Fallen Loved One



When you’ve lost someone dear to you without having the chance to wish them farewell, the weight on your heart can feel intolerable. If you’re looking to find your own peace after the death of a loved one, it’s time to find another way to reconnect with them and say a proper goodbye.

Write a Letter

What have you left unsaid that you wanted to say? Put your thoughts down in a letter and try to convey everything you’ve left out during your loved one’s life. Think of it as an opportunity to tell them how you really feel, without being afraid of negative reactions or a difficult upset. When you’re done, choose a way to “send” the letter that you feel might reach them the best, like planting it in the ground or setting it on fire.

Read Aloud


Did they have a favorite book? Was there a particular author whose writing you both loved to share? Stories are one of the best ways to capture major human connections, and telling and retelling them helps each story to grow. Set aside time to read out loud to your loved one and experience the story with them. Don’t be afraid to read something other than a book, if you know that’s what they’d prefer, like a treasured set of recipes or old letters.

Spiritual Approach

Visiting a psychic medium can give you an opportunity to say a more formal goodbye to your loved one. Making contact with them might be difficult, at first, but if you want something more concrete this might be a good opportunity for you. Consider carefully what you want to say ahead of time, and be ready to hear your loved one’s answers to you. Regardless of your beliefs or skepticisms, being able to physically say what you wish you had said will be an exercise that will bring closure. Who knows, maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised they’re listening more than you realize and are closer than we think.

Visitation and Visualization

Visiting your loved one’s grave is a good way to feel closer to them. If you’ve selected a beautiful location, it might even be a good way to spend some time soaking in nature, and the world around you and them. Visualize them being there with you, and envision the two of you having the conversation you need to have. If speaking to them at their grave is difficult, find the place that feels the most like them.

Spirituality and Peace

rayer and meditation can be a source of solace for many. Your beliefs can help you find a way to feel closer to your loved ones or to ease the burden of their loss. If you’re having trouble finding peace after the passing of a loved one, consider setting aside more time to focus on your spirituality, and look inwards to work on finding your peace.

The loss of those you truly love is always a painful blow, but it’s not something you have to go through alone. Reach out to those you miss in whatever way rings the truest for you.


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