How to Fix Your Broken Down Relationship


I don’t know about you, but I love being single, that is, I love being single rather than staying in a bad relationship. I love being in a happy and healthy relationship, but as we all know, that takes a lot of work and things can never be one-sided. We all know when we’re in a toxic or bad relationship, but just because we know that we should leave, we don’t always leave, and sometimes we give things another shot, second chances, third chances, and so on and so forth. And not necessarily because anyone deserves a second chance or many chances for that matter, but more so, because we have hope, which is great right? Hope it is great to have if there truly is potential for you and your partner, and if you’re both willing to improve on yourself and on the relationship. But sometimes, there’s simply no hope and you need to end things so that you can be with the right person and in the right situation.

It’s unfortunate that many people stay in bad relationships, because usually they’re doing so for all of the wrong reasons. A lot of people stay in their current relationship even though they’re completely miserable, simply because they’re used to the person or because they’re afraid of being alone. And some people simply can’t handle being single because they feel empty or lonely and would rather be with someone, even if it’s not the someone who they feel destined to be with. Some people might even feel as if they’d rather be miserable with their partner, than lonely without them. And God help those lost souls, because they’re going about dating all the wrong way. You should never be with someone if you’re not in love with them, and you should never stay in a toxic, bad, or abusive situation when you know that the other person is treating you poorly, doesn’t change their ways, doesn’t work on improving themselves or fix their issues, and doesn’t care how they’re making you feel when they talk to you or by their actions or lack of.

Both people need to care about one another’s feelings, work on themselves so that they can be whole, as well as be willing to work on doing their share of things in their relationship. There should be a healthy amount of give and take in a relationship, and all relationships take a certain amount of compromise. Things should never be about winning or losing, and you should keep your competitiveness towards things like sports, games, and no, I’m not referring to mind games. Be a teammate to one another, be best friends, and be the type of person who’s selfless and giving and cares about their partner’s feelings. One of the biggest causes for why relationships go sour is because many times we get so consumed in our own thoughts and with our own needs being met, that we become selfish, and this usually happens the longer that we’re with someone in a relationship.

No one should stay in an unhappy relationship. Do something to fix it. And don’t say that you’ve tried. You have to try other things if certain things haven’t worked. Go out of your way, go after what you want, maintain the love, put effort, no, put more effort, and be romantic and do sweet gestures. Do whatever you can on your end to help improve the happiness in your relationship. But don’t just sit there on your a** thinking someone or something is going to change if you do nothing. What’s that? You don’t give a sh**? Well, start giving a sh**! Care about making things work. Care about fixing or improving your issues. Don’t just give up on your relationship when all it really is, is a plant that needs watering. Kiss more, love more, no, love even harder, and be more dedicated to meeting your partner’s needs. Spend time together. You don’t have time? Make time! Remember, your partner is a priority, not an option, so treat them like one.

Remember, focus on giving, being selfless, and meeting your partner’s needs and wants. Don’t be a taker or the type of person who only cares about themselves and how they feel, or how their friends and family feel, etc. You should be treating your partner as a priority, and that includes taking their feelings into consideration. Their feelings matter, and they should be a priority to you over what others think or feel when it comes to relationship issues. It’s imperative to put a lot of effort and love into the things you say and do for your partner. It’s important to know that good relationships take work and both people need to be giving and care about each other’s feelings, and not merely focus on their own wants, needs, and feelings. 

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