Forever, You’ll Have My Love



Forever My Love.Β 

Falling deeper.

But I’m trapped inside this well,

Darkness is all I see.

I wish I never fell.

If you only knew how I feel.

What’s become of thy very soul.

This life was my biggest fear.

And the loss of you took its toll.

She claws into my skin.

Tears up more than just my sleeve.

She’s angry like broken glass.

Dear God, I want her to leave.

Shattered each time.

There’s glass in her heart.

Our song, it still plays.

She was broken from the start.

My pockets are so full,

Cause I carry all her things.

But my heart, is full of you.

Full of breath and angel wings.

You take me to a place,

So divine and so at peace.

Wrapped up in your arms.

You’re my soul, and I’m at ease.

There are moments that I think…

Though I always feel regret.

Is there no turning back,

To the first time that we met.

Give me another chance,

To show you, I’ll be good.

Thinking of you daily.

You should leave, you know you should.

But kiss me one last time,

A kiss to say I’m done,

I’ll leave you with this thought,

Radiance, you are the only one.

Each time we say goodbye.

You know I’ll never leave.

Cause how can something end.

When both of us believe.

When faith is all we have.

Just know I’ll come home soon.

Cause darling, you’re my sun.

And lover, you’re my moon.

Wrapped in all your clothes.

I smell you on my skin.

I feel you deep inside.

You penetrate the soul within.

They say the music’s too loud.

To me, it’s not loud enough.

I’m shouting to the Heavens.

Asking God, Dear, up above.

Send me back my Angel.

Send Her to me, please.

For She is what I want.

I’m pleading, on my knees.

I’ll wait until You say.

I’ll leave, right now, today.

I’ll obey Your will and every command.

I’ll respect you, and turn away.

If that is what You want.

If that’s what I must do.

Though forever, I’ll toss and turn.

Kill the feeling, and not be blue.

Just know that’s all it takes.

A message from up above.

To tell me to leave you now.

Otherwise, you have my love.

And forever, you’ll have my love.

My soul, my warmth, my breath.

I’m yours forever and ever.

For always means beyond death.

If I can’t have you now,

Today, this year, or soon,

My life will just be empty,

Darkness with a silver moon.

But if you come back to me,

If you keep me in your life,

I’ll marry you one day,

Forever, man and wife.

If you leave and don’t come back,

It’ll be just one more regret

I know that it’s my fault,

My word, I haven’t kept.

But all I ask of you,

Is know my love is here.

I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine.

Same time, same place, next year.

I’ll give you all you want.

Please take me then, when whole.

I know you might be gone.

Forgive the time I stole.

I want you in my madness.

I want you, selfishly.

I yearn to make you happy.

So you’ll never want to leave.

Darling, please say something.

Anything I might’ve missed,

Radiating like sunlight.

Like the time when we first kissed.


I’ll never forget the moment,

I looked deep in your eyes.

Like Heaven had a baby.

But because of me, she cries.

I’m sorry that I hurt you.

My Angel, I’m really sad.

Please don’t ever leave me.

You’re the best I ever had.

If you do, I’ll understand.

Like I said, just go and forget.

All I’ve been is selfish.

Though you haven’t left me yet.

Why do you still love me.

I’ve told you to walk away.

I’m draining your love of life.

But in your eyes, you always stay.

I want to give it back,

The love I promised you.

From here on, now, and forever,

I’ll always be with you.








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