Four Activewear Rules You Should Follow to Maximize Results of Your Workout



Being active and exercising regularly is one of the sure ways to be healthy and productive at any stage of your life, but in order to get the maximum results of your exercise, you need to wear the right clothes that will make you feel comfortable and ensure you to move freely. Unfortunately, many people get that part wrong, which means they end up with clothes that are too tight or too wide. Before you decide to spend some of your hard-earned money on new activewear, make sure that you follow these rules, so you’ll buy the clothes that will maximize the results of your workout:

1. Focus on the Fabrics

Even though there are many brands that offer cute and matching activewear, it’s important to make sure that anything you wear is made of fabrics that are durable and breathable so you’ll be able to exercise without getting too sweaty. Also, some synthetic fabrics can cause skin rashes and allergies, so it’s always best to avoid them altogether. The best fabrics are those that are able to effectively absorb the sweat so you won’t feel too hot during the intense workouts. So if you’re looking to buy new activewear, you should opt for polyester since it’s strong and durable, and it also doesn’t shrink when washed. Other materials that you can consider are bamboo, spandex, and wool, but keep in mind that the spandex can lose elasticity if it’s constantly ironed and dry-cleaned.

2. Don’t Forget the Sports Bra

Sports bra are all the rage among the social media workout gurus which is no surprise considering how comfortable and pretty they are. They’ve become so popular that they’re now considered a regular clothing item among many. There are people who propose exercising in a regular bra, which can be okay when you don’t have other options, but you should definitely aim to wear the brassiere, especially if you’re running or doing cardio, as they’re most comfortable and will surely keep your breasts in check while you exercise. Additionally, you may need to try a few different sizes until you find the one that fits, but remember that the right bra is the one that feels comfy and lets you breathe without being too tight.

3. Know Your Workout Type


In order to choose the right activewear, you need to know the type of workout you’re participating in. Therefore, when shopping for new tights and tops, you should also factor in the number of hours you train for, the types of exercise you do, and of course, the exact location of your workout. For example. If you’re casually doing pilates in your local studio, then you don’t need to spend much on expensive gym clothes, unless you want to, of course. But, if you’re an avid Zumba fan, then it’s definitely better to invest in a lightweight and fine-quality dancewear that will allow you to move without feeling restrained. There’s nothing worse than exercising in the wrong clothes, as then you’re not able to focus on your workouts, so be sure to take your time and choose what’s best for your type of activity so you’ll be able to concentrate on your progress.

4. Consider the Season


Even though it may seem unimportant, but seasons do matter when choosing the right activewear. During the hot summer days, you should opt for breathable clothes that will let your skin breath and wick the moisture away, while cold autumn and winter months should be reserved for layered clothes that are easy to remove. Use absorbent clothes underneath, while the insulating layer of clothes should always be on top because your body needs to be protected from the cold, considering that it always gets warmer during the exercise. Also, if you’re working out outside, make sure to keep your head, hands, and ears covered and safe from the cold.


Choosing the proper wear can’t be possible if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Hence, it’s necessary to follow these tips so you’ll be able to get the best out of your exercise and feel comfortable while being active. Don’t get swayed by pretty social media influencers, instead focus on what’s makes you feel good and always remember to factor in the type, duration and place of your exercise so you’ll be capable to have a productive and rewarding workout.


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