Four Ways to Spice up Your Love Life


Most people live in a selfish manner, where their main focus usually tends to be what they like, what they want, and what feels good to them. It’s so important to work on ourselves, and if we want to create a truly happy relationship with someone, we need to learn how to be more selfless, giving, and concerned with our partner’s wants and needs, and not solely on our own preferences and desires. This is why I wanted to create a list of four ways to help spice up our love lives, and I’m hoping that they’ll all be helpful in improving our romantic relationships. 

1. Find out What Your Partner Likes

The only way to truly find out what your partner wants, is to do one of two things, but I’d highly recommend doing both. First of all, trial and error always works, so you should explore and discover one another a bit. But just as well, ask your partner directly what they like and want, and be sure to ask them what they don’t like as well. This rule applies regardless as to whether they’re basic desires, future desires, or whether they’re on an intellectual, spiritual, romantic, or intimate level. Communication is everything, and the best way to know what someone wants is to ask them. 

2. Stop Assuming and Comparing

Now, this isn’t necessarily something to do, but rather, something not to do. However, I think it suits this article just fine. You shouldn’t assume that you know what your partner wants or needs in order to feel adequate and happy in your relationship. Going back to number one, ask your partner what he or she wants. As well, don’t compare your partner to other partners that you might’ve had in anyway. Don’t compare their looks, their personality, or even how they are on an intimate level to other people that you might’ve dated or explored relationships with. 

3. Concentrate on Giving, More Than Receiving

Focus on pleasing your partner in every way. Things will naturally tend to reciprocate. Well, they should reciprocate at least, that is, when you’re in a healthy and balanced relationship. Things should never be one-sided. Having said that, make sure that you’re doing your part by being selfless, giving, and loving as much as possible. And when it comes to the bedroom, no one appreciates a selfish lover, and once someone discovers that their partner is selfish, they’ll likely stop being so giving themselves. 

4. Put a Little Extra Effort into the Things That You Do

Effort costs nothing. And it’s one of the easiest ways that someone can tell how much you care about them. Try to put more effort into the things that you do for your partner, even towards the little things. Sometimes doing the little things with a lot of effort are much more valuable, and will be much more appreciated by your partner, than if you did the big things for them with little effort or thought. 

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