The Fuel to Fight Even Harder


There will be people in life that don’t believe in you, that don’t think you have a chance at succeeding, or that don’t even want you to succeed for that matter. Those types of people are negative and toxic and you shouldn’t keep them around in your life. You shouldn’t be friends with people that are negative and unsupportive. But those are also the very same types of people that will bring you down, distract you, make you feel inadequate, and as if you’re not good enough.

No one needs those types of people around when they’re working hard towards getting what they want in life. That’s why we should ignore them, and cut out their noise. Get your head straight and start living your life in a way that what others say doesn’t even phase you, let alone kill your enthusiasm. Don’t give people so much control over your emotions, and never to the point where it negatively affects you.

Not everyone in life is going to want you to succeed. Some people feel so inadequate with their own lives, that they want to take you down with them. That’s why they say that “misery loves company.” We all have the power to surround ourselves with positive people who are enlightened and kind hearted. There’s no room in anyone’s world to have family, friends, or even acquaintances that are negative. And we should be strong enough not to listen to the negative opinions of others. You should distance yourself with negative and toxic people as much as you possibly can.

We all need to be resilient and strong enough to the point where what others say doesn’t affect us. At least not in a negative way. When people are truly motivated, driven, and resilient, they’ll not only be O.K. with listening to negative feedback or criticism, but they’ll use it as fuel, and work even harder towards getting what they want in life. But then again, there are many people that are weak and unable to connect with their resilient side, and those are the types that end up feeling down, depressed, and deflated, and they might even stop going after their goals because of it.

It’s important not to let others bring you down. But we can’t control the actions of others, only our own. Having said that, more importantly than not letting others bring us down, we should feel enough inner strength, resilience, and drive towards getting what we want that nothing anyone says can harm us. We should naturally feel the desire to go after what we want, and even more when we’re criticized. And when people don’t believe in us, it’s almost as if that should be the fuel we need to work even harder towards our goals, even if it’s simply just to prove them wrong.

It doesn’t really matter what you use as fuel, as long as it motivates you and gets you to where you want to be. But the type of fuel that you get when someone doesn’t believe in you, is the type that many people in this world have become truly successful from. Nothing feels better than becoming successful, getting to the top, and being exactly where you’ve wanted to be all your life. But getting there takes hard work, determination, and the will to succeed.

You can’t give up when things get hard, when you’re faced with challenges, when there are bumps in the road, or even when people don’t believe in you. If you want anything bad enough in life, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get it, and then be willing to work hard towards maintaining it. The truth is, who cares what people think. If you want anything bad enough, you need to overcome the noise and negativity that others might give you, and keep go after what you want.

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