You Get What You Give in Relationships


Every relationship has a blank, clean slate, is pure, and where there are no mistakes and no issues. At least, that’s the basis of how every new relationship should start. It’s like the birth of a new situation, and anything that’s new and pure, doesn’t have any flaws or imperfections. It’s only when we start to get to know someone on a deeper level that we start to see who a person really is, and then we can make the best decision as to whether or not they’re the right match for us. That’s why we should always put our best foot forward, and give promising situations are best shot.

When it comes to exploring a new relationship, it’s important to remember to be selfless and giving as much as possible. You should definitely pay close attention to how giving and selfless your partner is, but your main focus should be on your own actions and how much you’re giving and being selfless to that person. You see, it’s imperative that we work on ourselves, and not solely on our relationship. If anything, part of being in a healthy and happy relationship is understanding that, and acknowledging the fact that you endlessly and wholeheartedly have to work on improving yourself throughout your relationship, as well as throughout your lifetime. 

Everything good in life takes hard work. You can’t expect to have a successful and beautiful relationship if you’re not going to be willing to do whatever it takes to make it that way. This is why it’s so important to concentrate hard on the seeds that you plant in your relationship. If you plant bad seeds early on when everything is pure and new, you’re likely going to end up having bad fruit later. If you plant good seeds, and you do everything that it takes to make a successful and happy relationship, striving hard to be the best version of yourself, to endlessly give in a selfless manner, and to show your love and affection to someone with all of your might, then you’re basically planting good seeds, and you’ll likely reap the benefits of beautiful fruit later. 

There’s a good reason that a wise man once said that you should do things with tender, and loving care. And in a nutshell, it’s because you get what you give in life. So before you mess up a good thing, think twice before doing or saying things that could cause harm to your beautiful new beginning. Think like that wise man, and be enlightened enough to realize that good things in life need to be cared for in the right manner. Sometimes we only get one shot to do things right the first time. And sometimes, the first time is the only and last time.

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6 thoughts on “You Get What You Give in Relationships

  1. Sorry, but even the title is stupid. You can give everything, if the other is not sincere, you get used.
    “you should do things with tender, and loving care. ” This Works in the beginning, but if you don’t get it back, you are stupid to go on like this.

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