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You’d be surprised at how many people are dating or even in an exclusive relationship with someone that doesn’t fully open up and let their guard down. There’s no way that someone can truly get to know a person or even have the hopes of developing genuine feelings for someone when they’re not letting the person see who they really are. Part of falling in love is taking the risk of getting hurt or let down. You can’t develop feelings for someone if you or they aren’t going to be willing to be your complete self. A huge part of being able to love another person is to love them on a level that’s based on a solid, strong foundation of who you and they are, without have to frost things up. 

Taking the time to get to know someone on a deeper level is what it’s really all about. Dating someone isn’t about which restaurant you choose, where you go, what your favourite colours are, or even keeping things light all of the time. It’s about giving things a genuine shot by getting to know who a person is on a level that only their best friends would know them on. You should want to marry your best friend. It’s important to take the time to know the person that you’re dating so that you’ll be able to develop not only a relationship with them, but a friendship within that relationship.

It’s important to feel comfortable enough to communicate your feelings to one another, as well as to express yourself freely, and without judgment of the other person for opening up or even for what they open up with. This doesn’t mean that you need to dig into their past in order to know who they are now, and today. Who a person is now, who they’ve become, and the road they plan to take in life is much more valuable of information than where they came from, how they got there, and whether or not their past was smooth sailing or a rough battle.

Getting to know someone on a deeper level is about knowing a person’s dreams and goals in life, and what they feel most passionate about. It’s about seeing if you can connect on many different levels, and whether or not you’ll feel compatible with one another. You need to see if you’re able to get along, and whether or not you can embrace how one another talks, listens, and gives you the table when it’s time for you to communicate your dreams, thoughts, feelings, and experiences. 

Getting to know someone on a deeper level is something that takes time, effort, and the desire to know more. When someone actually cares about another person, they want to know someone as much as possible. If someone wants to truly get to know someone better, they’ll not be willing to put in the time and effort into knowing them better, but they’ll want to. They ask more questions, want more feedback and opinions, as well as want to share theirs with you. 

When someone is really interested in you, they’re going to want to get to the bottom of you, like they would with anything that they value. If someone wants you and respects you enough, they’ll be willing to take things at a comfortable pace for you, and even if they’d prefer to take things slower or perhaps faster. Many times people don’t bother getting to genuinely know someone before taking things to the next level or even becoming intimate. I truly feel that it’s a big mistake when people are impatient as such. Nothing shows someone that you care more than when you’re willing to take the time and make the time to get to know them on a deeper level.

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14 thoughts on “Getting to Know Someone on a Deeper Level

  1. Wow, there was a little bit of truth there, but I’m curious as to where you got all the other information for your article? The reason I’m asking is because most of what you’ve written is opinion and nothing factual. I’ve spent years getting a degree in psychology and it makes me chuckle whenever I read articles like yours by individuals who “think” they know about these types of things. There’s nothing wrong with giving advice, I just wish you’d be more accurate.

  2. So much truth here! I believe the greatest fear we all have is opening ourselves up and sharing what’s in our hearts and minds. Only when we do this can we experience true intimacy. I also believe that having a relationship with God, where we can find true security, allows us to do this. It’s refreshing to see that there is someone else in the world who recognizes this, as most walk around surrounded by walls. Good stuff!

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