When Giving up Seems Like the Easier Choice



Depending on what we do in life, and depending on our actions and how much we strive towards our goals, we either conquer our dreams or we give up after failing the first, second, or millionth time. Some people give up when it comes to going after what they want too quickly, instead of striving harder towards getting it, feeling as if it might never happen for them.

When you feel as if you try, try, and try again but to no avail, it can be truly deflating at times. People can either be resilient and build strength by failing the first time or even many times, and try other methods in order to get what they want, or they can give up. This is why having hope is so imperative when it comes to everything in life. Don’t get me wrong, because they’re certain situations that there’s just no hope for, and you shouldn’t even bother trying. But generally speaking, if you have certain goals in life that you hope to achieve, it’s important to try everything that you can in order to attain them.

Looking Outside of the Box and Asking for Advice

Many times looking outside of the box can be helpful. But also, many times we go about getting towards our goals in the absolute wrong way. Sometimes it’s good to get advice from others when it comes to striving towards your goals. The problem with getting advice from others when it comes to building your dreams is that not everyone will always give good advice or even have your best interest at heart.

It’s important to be weary of those who are envious, jealous, or competitive with you. Especially, when they’re your friends. This is another reason why it’s imperative to be cautious with who you become friends with, and who you bring close into your life. Picking and choosing the right friends can play a big role in how well you succeed if you really think about it, and especially if you’re the type that asks for advice from them.
Having said that, asking advice is always a good method for bringing in new information that could possibly be beneficial for you when it comes to reaching your goals. Many times things get overlooked, and especially when we keep trying the same methods over and over again.

One thing that’s important to remember when striving towards your goals is that your lifestyle will play a big role in how well you think, remember things, and stay focused. This especially goes for when you need to use your brain a lot. Living a healthy lifestyle can play a big role, and that’s why getting enough REM sleep, eating a predominantly healthy diet, and being emotionally in a good place is so important. 

Another thing that’s important to remember is that giving up is never a good answer. If something is your goal, you should never give up on it just because you fail once or even many times. It’s important to have a certain mind frame where you feel deep within your soul that giving up is not an option. You should eliminate giving up as a possibility, even if you fail many times at something. Especially, when you know deep down inside of you that your goal is something that you’ll never get over if you give up.

Be Proud of How You Achieve Your Goals

Sometimes you just have to use other methods in order to get to where you want to be. Just make sure that your methods are methods that you’ll be able to live with on a spiritual level. In other words, you should always strive toward your goals and live a life where you can feel good about how you conquered your goals. Therefore, being a good person plays a big role on how well you succeed, or at least, on how well you succeed and are able to live with yourself. This is why it’s imperative to do things in a righteous and pure manner as much as possible.

You should always live a life where you’ll feel proud after conquering your goals and achieving what you truly desire, and to even top that off, if you have loved one’s, family, or even more so, if you have children, you’re going to want your children to know that their parent got to where they are and succeeded in life by doing things in a righteous and honest manner. 

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