Why Being Giving and Selfless Is So Important in a Relationship



In relationships, sometimes one person feels as if they’re getting the short end of the stick, and unfortunately, more often than not. Things should always be balanced in a healthy relationship, and when they’re not, one person will usually wind up feeling unhappy and miserable. Every healthy situation involves a certain amount of balance. And the second that balance takes leave in a situation, is the very second that things start to deteriorate. This is why it’s so important to concentrate on being selfless and giving to your partner as much as possible.

If both people in a relationship are selfless and giving more often than not, then their relationship will not only be happy, but the couple will thrive, feel satisfied and loved. We all want to feel loved and adored in a relationship. But when we feel as if we are the only ones giving and doing things for the other person, then we end up feeling inadequate to a certain extent, and as if something’s missing. But the main problem in a situation as such where one person tends to be the only one giving, is that what’s truly missing is balance.

By now, I think that we all know that one-sided relationships don’t work, and just as arguments take two to tango, relationships take two people putting in a certain amount of love and effort into making the relationship work. There are endless things that couples can do in order to help improve their love life and relationship. And many times those things involve being completely selfless and giving. This is perhaps because many times those things involve doing something that you might not like.

One of the greatest things about being loving, giving, and being in an all around happy and healthy relationship, is that when you tend to give, give, and give your love to another person, and they truly love you back and appreciate you enough—as they should, your kind, selfless, and loving actions will naturally be reciprocated. Having said that, remember to put your main focus on how you act through your words and actions, and try to always do things from a pure, kind, and selfless heart.

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