Are They a Good Match or Just a Good Catch?


It finally happened. You went on a first date and it was successful. The person is everything you were looking for. You knew what you wanted and this person matched up perfectly. There’s only one problem. How do you know if this person is your perfect match or if they’re merely just a great catch!
There’s no way to really figure it out unless you start dating the person for a little while. After all, if they’re that good of a catch, you might not want to let them go too soon. At least, until you figure it out!

I wrote this article for those that think they’ve possibly found “the one.” Let’s figure out if the person you’re dating is your match or just a great catch. Remember, you’ll have to go on more than one date to truly figure this out. Hopefully this list will be a helpful tool to guide you during dating this new, spectacular person.

Just a great catch:

A great catch can be someone that’s a great catch to everybody, not just you. It’s usually someone that, forgive the expression, has their shit together. This person appears to be an all-around great package. They’re confident, they have poise, they’re beautiful, they’re polite, humble, educated, intelligent, and a great conversationalist. The list goes on and on. They appeared not to be lacking in any area that you were searching.

The problem that lies in someone being a good catch, but not necessarily a good match is that you still don’t know what’s deep down on the inside of this person. You don’t know how well you get along, if you have common interests, if they do things that unbearably annoy you, etc. You really don’t know this person at all. All you know about this person is that they have all of the basic characteristics that you desire, not to mention a great personality.

You have to dig deeper and find out what this person is really all about. Get to know them on a level that you can see if you can literally become their best friend. Find out if it’s just a honeymoon phase or if it’s mostly driven by physical chemistry. Make sure you can laugh with the person. Make sure you have an open book type of relationship with this person where you’re both honest to one another.

Once you spend enough time with the person, you can decide whether you’re a good match or not. It’s true, I do believe in the three date rule, so ask a lot of questions during the first few dates. At that point, you can make up your mind if you think you could be a good match, and if so, you should give it a shot and explore an exclusive relationship with them.

A good match:

Your match is someone who you can be best friends with. Your match appears to be made just for you. Your match is that puzzle piece that fits just right, without having to force it to fit. You can tell if someone’s your match, after dating a few times, and asking enough questions, where you get the answers that you need in order to start a new relationship.

Your match isn’t based on physical chemistry or a really great kiss. It’s not based on anything other than the feelings that you’re developing for each other, and they should be mutual. Your match feels the same way about you as you feel about them. Your match is looking for the same things as you and within the same time frame. You both want the same things in life ultimately.

Everything flows with your match and not just on the first date, but for always. Every relationship has it’s ups and downs and can take roller coaster rides, but you and your match will have a foundation that you’ve built on love, honesty, open book, trust, and you’ve become each other’s best friend. You have a solid foundation with your match and your feelings don’t dissipate with time, but they grow and change. The love that you develop with your match gets deeper and stronger to the point where you can’t imagine not being with them for the rest of your life. Your match is your true love.

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