Why You Should Have More Good Times Than Bad Times in Relationships


In a healthy relationship, things should pretty much flow for the most part. But it’s important to know that there will always be good times and bad times in relationships. Only, it’s better to have more good times than bad times. For some couples, it may seem that at times, there are more bad times and unhappy moments, than there are good ones. In this article, I hope to shed some light as to why it’s so important to be able to recognize whether you’re having more good times or more bad times in your relationships, and what you can do about it.

Many people might tell you what I’d like to think of as bad advice—to end a relationship immediately when you’re having more bad times, than good times. But in reality, we control our own happiness, and if we’re hoping and willing to improve our happiness, and the happiness within our relationship, and more than anything, if you truly want to improve your relationship and are in love with one another, you should create more good times.
Don’t give up or leave, just try to fix and improve things for the better. Giving up isn’t the always the best solution to becoming happier. If anything, giving up is what you should do when there’s no hope to a situation, and when your relationship isn’t based on love. But if you’re both wanting to feel happy, and stay with one another, you should both be willing to work on improving things!

Once we feel as if we’re experiencing too many hard times in our relationship, whether as a result of different issues that we’re going through personally or whether they’re different challenges, concerns, or even issues that we’re working through in our relationship, we need to create more good times. We should always be willing to improve our relationships, and to find ways to put more love and effort into doing sweet gestures for our partner, and even just working on ourselves so that we’re a better person. Both people in a relationship should always be willing to improve themselves as an individual, as well as be willing to work on improving their relationship.

When it comes to creating more happy times in your relationship, you should always be willing to put a lot of effort into how you create those moments, but the truth is, it really doesn’t take that much hard work at all. If you think about it for a minute, being giving, and expressing more love through your words and actions to your partner is one of the best ways of creating happy times.

Doing sweet gestures and adding more romance into your lives should be viewed as opportunities to create more happy moments with one another. Try to set up a date night at least once a week so that you’ll be forcing yourself to create a happy moment even if it’s not as often as you would like. Even going on a simple walk around the block while holding your partner’s hand, or perhaps going on a weekend getaway when you’re able to, are just a couple of ways that can truly benefit your relationship. 

So the first step would be to recognize whether or not you’re having more happy times or more bad times with your partner. The second step is being willing to put some effort and love into creating more happy times. And the third and final step would have to be brainstorming, and coming up with some cool ideas of fun activities that you and your partner can do with one another. Having said that, money should never be the issue as to why you’re not doing fun and adventurous things with one another. If you’re both willing to improve your relationship, and you’re both open-minded for the most part, I’m sure that you can come up with many great ideas on how to improve your relationship, as well as come up with some ideas for fun things that you can do together.

You should both want to bring about more happiness to your relationship, so it should never be one-sided where one of you wants to improve things, and the other one is basically half a**ing it, and doesn’t really care all that much. Make sure that you’re on the same page in your relationship, and make sure that you’re both willing to sit down and come up with some ideas so that you can create more happy times with one another. And this especially goes for when you’ve had many hard times in the past that you’ve both had to fight through. Everyone deserves a break once in awhile, a vacation, or even a moment to just  let go, take off their work clothes, and release all of their pent-up anxiety and daily stresses that they’ve experienced.

Keep in mind, it’s not really about the specific activities or the adventures that you’ll go on with your partner, but it’s more so, your attitude, and being open to sharing new experiences with one another. It should never be about what or when, or even how elaborate your ideas are. It’s about making the time and putting the effort into creating happy moments. Embrace life, love your partner, and feel good. Be willing to give your relationship your all.

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