Great Ways to Deepen the Bond With Your Child



All parents strive to have organized and polite children, and although there should be a certain degree of discipline present, they need to be nurtured and allowed to be their goofy, silly selves. It is important for us, parents, to think about how we can connect with our children and further develop our relationship. Here’s a list of five great ways to do just that.

Connect With Your Child Through Daily Routines

Something as simple as brushing your teeth together or reading a bedtime story can help strengthen the bond between you and your child. Following a particular pattern, such as getting up at 7 a.m., studying at 4 p.m., and taking a
bath at 8 p.m. can help your child get used to certain routines and continue repeating them in the future. Creating a schedule for your kid to follow is useful because your child will learn that a certain time in a day is connected to a certain activity and they will be less likely to skip activities such as washing their teeth or going to bed at a certain time.

Look for Some Fun Activities You Can Enjoy Together


No matter how exhausting your day was, there should always be some time for fun. Think about what the two of you can do together. Do you like baking? If so, why not involve your kid in this fun activity? You can make cookies and ask them to decorate the cookies using their favorite frosting. Maybe you enjoy board games? Reserve Sunday nights for board games your family can enjoy together. It would also be useful to look for a fun playgroup to help your child connect with other children and learn in a friendly environment. Parents also participate in these fun activities with their children, which helps them bond and strengthen their relationship.

Listen to Their Stories and Keep the Conversation Going


When the two of you are talking, let your child know they have all your attention. Get rid of any distractions and listen carefully to what your child is talking about. Whether they’re talking about silly things that happened in school that day or the fight they had with their best friend, it is important to show them you care and that you understand how they feel. Make eye contact with them and ask open-ended questions to keep the conversation going. That way, they will feel like they can open up to you and talk about what’s bugging them.

Share Your Childhood Memories and Funny Anecdotes With Your Kid


Your kid may find it difficult to understand that you were once a kid yourself and that you also did silly things as they do now. Share your childhood memories with them – talk about your first pet, what you were like when you were little and what your most embarrassing moment in school was. Your kids will begin to see you more as their friend than just their parent and that will help them realize you understand what they’re going through, which will ultimately result in a stronger bond and healthier relationship between you two.

Make Them Feel Like They Can Trust You


Your child needs to feel like they can come to you if there’s a problem and ask you for advice. By making them feel like they can trust you, your child will feel more secure and will always tell you if there is something that is bothering them. Also, they need to know that you won’t make fun of them and tease them for something they said or did. If they confide in you and share a secret, then make sure you don’t accidentally blurt it out. Communication is the key to any healthy relationship, and it should be no different when it comes to your relationship with your child.

Nurturing the relationship with your child is important in order to help them grow up in a friendly and fun-filled environment. Use our tips as a guide for strengthening the bond between the two of you and watch your kid flourish and grow into a positive and healthy individual.


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