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When was the last time you had a road trip? Have you ever had one at all? It seems as if the classic road trip concept is losing popularity as airplanes are taking over, especially with all the cheap flight offers all around. However, this isn’t entirely true. Many people are still taking road trips in spite of all that. There’s absolutely nothing that can replace the thrill of the road and taking your car, putting on your favourite playlist and hitting the road. However, taking a road trip isn’t entirely spontaneous. You still need to do some planning and we’re here to give you a few tips on the highlights in order to have a perfect trip.

A Loose Plan

In order to enjoy your trip to the fullest, you need to let some things happen on their own. However, you also need some guidelines, or you’ll be completely lost at times. Think of a route or at least the key points on the map which you’ll definitely reach. Everything around and in between can stay up for debate throughout the trip. It’s important to have a draft and all the specifics will happen according to your mood, the weather, gas situation, etc. Do some research on the places you’ll visit and figure out a few must-sees. You also need to think about gas and mark your map for key places and gas stops. You can use Google maps, but you should also carry a map in case you cannot rely on your phone and data at all times.

Get the Car Ready

There is always a matter of which car to use. Some people prefer to use their own car for reasons like familiarity and comfort. In this case, you need to take the car to a mechanic and do a full checkup before you hit the road. However, others like to spare their car the extra mileage or simply need a car that is more fit to the requirements of the road trip. Many people in Australia and New Zealand opt for renting a 4WD in order to be completely safe when going off-road and on unfamiliar routes. So, if your trip seems demanding as far as car specifications are concerned, try to find a cheap car rental and make sure to choose unlimited mileage as you probably won’t be able to make an accurate estimation beforehand.

Join a Road Rescue Service

If you’re a frequent road tripper, perhaps it’s good to join a road rescue crew. Chances are that there will come a time when you’ll need it. On the other hand, your experience and your help can be useful for other people on the road. It isn’t a complicated procedure and it will definitely make you feel good about yourself, as well as safer on the road. Travelers should stick together and stay in good spirits.

Bring Cash

People often forget about tolls. Some toll gates take credit cards, but some of them don’t and you’ll be required to pay cash or accept a fine which is something you’d probably like to avoid. So, stock up on cash as fares can be pricey and you may run into them when you least expect it. You can also try to look them up and calculate how much money you’ll actually need, but it may ruin all the fun and some may not be listed online.

Division of Labour

In order to have a full road trip experience, you mustn’t take all the responsibility on yourself. Make sure that all passengers have their own duties. Some people are good at navigating, while others are great at budget planning. You also need a person that tracks and distributes food supplies and someone to plan your accommodation and stops. Use everyone’s best skills to your advantage for an utterly amazing experience.

All in all, we learned that a road trip cannot be planned, but one can prepare for it. This is why following these guidelines will prepare you for an unforgettable trip. Another important thing is to try and meet as many locals on the way. Experience every place the best way you can. Ask locals for food recommendations, camping sites, go to pubs and spend time with new people, it will greatly enrich your whole experience.

Diana Smith

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