Handling Duties As Bridesmaid: 4 Services to Coordinate on the Big Day



As bridesmaids are expected to plan the bachelorette party, spring for the bride for many pre-wedding activities, coordinate the bridesmaids’ dresses and more, many bridesmaids are often shocked to learn what their roles truly entails Preparing for an upcoming role as a bridesmaid? Read on for four tips to help get ready for this role on the big day.

1. Coordinate Bridesmaids Dresses

While 47% of brides choose the bridesmaids’ dresses, 22% of bridesmaids have options. In the latter situation, all bridesmaids need to work together to decide which dresses and colors will be worn. When picking dresses, bridesmaids should be sure to coordinate going to a seamstress to make sure all alterations are finished in time for the wedding. It is essential, as well, that the colors match well with the wedding colors as well as with one another. If the wedding colors are colder ones, consider wearing corresponding warm colors and vice versa.

2. Plan the Bachelorette Party Details

Bridesmaids are also often in charge of planning the bachelorette party. As this is the party to end all parties for the bride, bridesmaids must go all out with planning. Bridesmaids must arrange everything from party favors to entertainment. However, as 66% of bridesmaids rate the expenses as the worst part of their role as bridesmaids, this planning process should take into account the most inexpensive way to prepare for this party. Instead of renting an expensive hotel, consider coordinating a sleepover with a homemade dinner rather than ordering a fancy meal. Of course, the bride’s preferences will factor greatly into the actual activities, but a little work can help lower the costs significantly. Also, avoid mentioning that something is for a wedding when talking to vendors and venues. Doing so tends to raise prices due to the “spare no expense” tendency of many wedding planners.

3. Use Handheld Radios During the Wedding

Friends or family members that are acting as bridesmaids for the first time will be caught off guard by the amount of running around required on the big wedding day. Bridesmaids that plan ahead can bring handheld radios to keep in contact while at the venue. Bridesmaids should be sure to stop by a Motorola radio supplier before the wedding to get a system set up so they can ensure everyone stays in contact during the big event. These handheld radios will come in handy during the hours before the wedding when the bridal party is en route to the ceremony venue, and during the moments before the bachelorettes and bride make their grand entrance.

4. Coordinate Dance and Music Selections

Many bridesmaids work on a secret wedding day dance to surprise the bride. In this case, these bridesmaids should coordinate the dance and music amongst themselves and with the DJ months in advance. With proper communication and practice, these bridesmaids will be able to pull off an amazing performance on the wedding day.

Wedding days aren’t just a big day for the bride; bridesmaids need to make sure they are fully prepared for all the impending responsibilities required of them on the day of the wedding. Keep these four suggestions in mind when preparing to take on your bridesmaids duties.


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