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Today, on Mother’s Day 2018, I wanted to wish all of the mothers, grandmothers, single fathers, guardians, and even to all orphans and those raising themselves, a wonderful day and a very Happy Mother’s Day! Just another Hallmark holiday? I don’t think so. Being a mother is one of the most beautiful gifts and should be appreciated and never taken for granted. In this article, I wanted to share a few thoughts about being a mom, different upbringings, parenting, as well as to share a Mother’s Day message with you.

So many people have has smooth and easy upbringings. Some haven’t, and some have had more unconventional or how do I put this, unfortunate, challenging, or even unbearably sad and unhappy upbringings. And when those who haven’t had it so good, so easy, and weren’t fortunate to come from and to be raised by amazing parents who love each other and who showed them utter and complete unconditional love including stability, affection, and good parenting, it can be that much harder to be resilient, and to know right from wrong, not to repeat the same mistakes that have been done to them, and to be a good person and role model for their own kids that they may have.

I haven’t had it easy. And although I’m not choosing to open that up here for the public to dissect or whatever, I like my privacy. However, I know that many people in this world have also not had a smooth sailing upbringing or road in life, and for many different reasons, having many different lives, different stories, and different experiences. This is why I felt the desire to write about a few things in this article.

First of all, appreciation. I truly feel that it’s imperative to be appreciative of everything that we have in our lives. We should appreciate all of our gifts and the mere fact that we’re alive. I don’t know about you, but one thing I’ve learned and perhaps at a very young age is good things don’t come easy. They take love, effort, and hard work. Many times, they also take patience, hope, and the will to never give up.

Another thing is that we need to learn to love ourselves more. We need to accept all of ourselves. Accept all of the good, and all of what we may view as flawed. There is no perfect person. There is you, me, and everyone else, and we are all unique and created differently. We need to learn to love who we are at our core. To be good people deep down inside. To try to change and grow, build empathy, more love, more kindness, more understanding, and a bigger heart to see things differently and more open-mindedly so that we don’t judge or hurt others, or ourselves.

To change and grow is beautiful, and more than necessary. But to change who we are for the wrong reasons isn’t good. And the right reason is always, and I repeat always because of growth, enlightenment, wisdom, knowledge, and love. Even when we’re not taught right from wrong by our parents or by the people who raised us, we have a choice in this life to learn, to grow in a healthy manner, and to make good choices.

We create our own destiny. And at least to some extent, I wholeheartedly believe this to be true. We need to think before we act, to think before we speak, to think before we make big decisions, and to always be aware of possible consequences of our actions. This includes who and what might be affected by our choices. If we think before we do things in life, we’ll all be happier and live a more beautiful life, filled with little to no regret. 
Finally, another thing we need to remember on Mother’s Day and always is that despite our childhood, despite what we may or may not have experienced growing up, we are responsible for our own actions, and we are accountable. Which brings me to this Mother’s Day message. 

I’ve seen such amazing growth, so much resilience, strength, and complete love from my own Mom, and more so, recently. And as incredible as this feeling is for me and what I’m experiencing, I want to publicly tell my Mother how proud of her I am, how much she has grown, how I’ve watched her go through so much, so often, and yet now that I see who she is and who she’s becoming. I’m just so incredibly proud and honoured to be her daughter. I love you mom so much and thank you for everything you do for me. You are so loving, giving, talented, empathetic, smart, and good woman. The direction you’ve been taking in your life is positive and truly good, I’m so thankful to God for giving us the chance to become so much closer over the years. I can honestly say proudly, that I see more and more of you in myself in many ways and I love it! Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!

O.K., now for my little babies… Ariel, who writes the most beautiful cards I’ve ever seen in my life has been showering Justin and me with these notes of love for longer than I can remember. My best friend, my love, my little girl, you’ve made my life such a blessing. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without you and Justin in it. And I have said it many times over, but you have shown me the type of love that I’ve never experienced. I can’t even express my feelings to the extent I feel them for you, because I would start crying from how much I love you.

Which brings me to Justin, who knows my tears. He looks at me before he knows they’re coming when we watch a sad commercial, some movie or even a TV rerun that we’ve watched a million times over that probably isn’t even all that sad or happy, to begin with. You see, he knows my tears. He knows my heart. Both He and Ariel have so much empathy, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. I have these two beautiful souls, I’m so blessed, and I really don’t need much else but to know that they’re always happy, healthy, and taken care of.

Justin, I cried all morning after reading your card. And yes, I’m posting it, sorry. I love you both so much. Becoming a mom was the best thing I’ve ever done and probably will ever do. I love being a mom, but even more, I love being your mom. Thank you to God, your Father, and me, that I have you both. Every Mother’s Day, and every single other day that I’m alive, I will never take your love for granted, or not be appreciative of having you both. I will always be here for you, love you, and be your best friend. Always.

“So Happy Mother’s Day to the most perfect mom ever I’m so happy I have you in my life I already wrote you a letter but Incase I don’t see you today I want this message to make your day better. Your so special and you always try your best to make Ariel and I the happiest two kids ever and I really really really do appreciate that. When Ariel or I am in a bad grumpy mood you ALWAYS find a way to make us happy. Please never ever ever doubt yourself because you do what is write. I’m so proud of you and ever single little thing you do. Do not stop your blog and don’t give up okay? It’s going to blow up slowly or maybe even out of nowhere! Keep being motivated and stay strong always. You are a very very beautiful women inside and out if people think differently who cares because you know you are. I honestly don’t know what I would do without you mommy YOU ARE JUST THE CUTEST! You make me , Alvin , Ariel , and Gus Gus smile every time you see us with your cute baby voice and you make us all happy who cares about the money who cares about the looks all I’m happy with is having you as my mom and being together! Again , HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO THE MOST FLAWLESS CUTE AND FUNNY WOMEN I KNOW!!❤❤❤”

I know that if I proofread this article, I likely won’t post it. Wishing you all a beautiful day and I wish you all get to experience the love and happiness that I have from being
 a mom or for whatever it is that makes your heart melt, your eyes smile, and your soul laugh. God Bless. 

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