Why It’s Hard to Date When You’re the Complete Package


Glad I got your attention. First of all, if you think that you’re the complete package, maybe it’s time to get off of your high horse, suck up all of that arrogance, and take some time to evolve into what I’d like to call more of a humble being. It’s at that very moment that we all think that we’re just such a fabulous and perfect package, that we might just need a little bit of self-improvement. Having said that, even if we think that we’re a pretty great catch—which many of us are by the way, we all hold certain expectations of what we hope to find in a partner, and even more so, because we feel worthy of having the best.

Sure, we all hope to find that one special someone who suits us, and that one match who will give us life and the feelings of joy, love, and ultimate happiness. But we shouldn’t have such high and unreasonable expectations of finding that perfect match. It’s important to be realistic when in our search for a life partner. As well, it’s important to give promising situations a chance. So, once we come down off of our high horse of thinking that we’re hot shit, and lower our incredibly unrealistic expectations, and we search for a partner who has a lot of great qualities perhaps, instead of every single quality that we might be looking for, we still need to keep one thing in mind—no one is going to be perfect.

So let’s assume that you’re not arrogant, and that you’re not the type of person who views himself as the king or queen of the world. And let’s assume that you’re a pretty well-rounded, awesome individual. If you’re in a healthy state of mind, emotionally balanced, and yet you’re still struggling to find that one special someone, it’s likely because of a few reasons. You might be looking for someone who’s perfect— just like you… Not. Or perhaps your expectations are too high. And you might even be looking for someone who on some unconscious level reminds you of your own mother and father, perhaps because that’s something that you’ve seen as you were growing up, and it’s familiar.

Whatever it is that you tend to look for in a match, you have to remember that it’s always better to have some idea of what you want when in your search. As well, it’s important to stay humble, instead of going into dating someone new as if everyone owes you something because you’re so damn special. Arrogance is one of the ugliest traits in mankind. Having said that, when people are humble, and they simply know what they want in a partner, it’s much more appealing to others, and you’ll come across as much better of a catch, instead of someone who thinks that they’re all high and mighty, and that others should be praising them for what a great package they are.

It’s one thing to be confident and to know your self-worth, but it’s another thing to come across as arrogant, even if you are a pretty well rounded package. When someone is a pretty well-rounded package, they don’t have so much arrogance or unrealistic expectations of what they hope to find in another person. And if that sounds like you, then maybe it’s time to work on yourself, because you should be a whole and complete person before even putting yourself out on the market to date. The truth is, if you really are a complete package, you’re probably unaware of it, because you’re too busy working on self-improvement, as well as the fact that you’re likely quite humble.

Remember, if you’re struggling dating, and you’re the type who feels as if you’re a complete package, then one of your biggest issues might be the fact that you view yourself as so incredibly perfect. And that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be confident I repeat, because confidence is one of the most attractive qualities that you can find in another person. Just remember the difference between someone who’s confident and someone who’s arrogant. It will only help you in your search for finding your best possible match, when you are open to seeing others from a humble, open-minded, and loving perspective.

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