Healthy Habits of Fit People That Will Improve Your Life



Fit people are different from us mere mortals, not only in the way they look but in that they are persistent and committed to their lifestyle and their goals.  In an effort to clean up our lives and bodies, we should take note and try to make some new habits for ourselves.

1. Easy Does It 

Make it easier for yourself and start by making some new friends.  You won’t even break a sweat! People with a fit lifestyle make a point of being around other like-minded people.  Having a gym buddy to motivate you when you are feeling lazy is great, but go even beyond that. Find a friend who wants to take that healthy cooking class with you. Approach that friendly neighbour you always see with a green smoothie in hand. Surround yourself with the kind of mindset that will inspire you to be better in every aspect of your life. 

2. Make a Choice 

Now that you have decided to make some changes, there is no need to uproot your entire life, as you might only end up giving up.  Pick one or two new habits you wish to incorporate into your day and build up from there. Don’t set a goal to start running two hours every day while snacking only on carrots and waking up at six in the morning, right off the bat.  Start small and don’t force anything. Perhaps, first, you could 
focus on sleeping better and beginning your day earlier.  That way you could have more time in the day to prepare yourself a healthy home-made meal.  Once you start getting the hang of these strange new things, the rest will come almost seamlessly because one will encourage the other. 

3. Put in the Time


It might seem obvious, but fit people find the time to exercise.  There is nothing new in being busy, you just need to find creative ways around it.  If you don’t have time to go to that fitness centre across town, put on some yoga pants and get yourself some 
home gym equipment that will inspire you to move.  Now, if you think that you won’t be able to go from zero to two hours of rigorous exercise overnight, you are probably right. 

The good news is that there is no need for such extremities. Instead of pressuring yourself to suddenly commit to such a scary time slot, try the bare minimum at first.  It is better to do five to ten minutes of exercise every day, instead of giving up after one long training session and convincing yourself that you will do it again tomorrow.  If ten minutes is all you have, it’s all you have – with consistency, it will start to add up. 

4. Pick Quality 

If you eat a large but well-balanced meal, there is nothing to feel bad about!  Forget about counting calories and putting yourself down. The quality of what you take in matters much more than the quantity.  The point is to 
eat real food.  In other words, food that has a short expiration date and would go bad without a refrigerator.  So put away that frozen pizza, and take out your grandmother’s recipe book tonight. 

5. Enjoy 

Even the fittest of people aren’t physically and mentally capable of everything when it comes to exercise.  They find things that work best for them and that they enjoy. If going to a yoga class is going to make you feel bored and anxious to leave, don’t go!  Try dancing instead – or if you are feeling slightly more adventurous, find a self-defense class. It makes for a good exercise and gives you peace of mind.  As with anything in life, if you love what you are doing, it’s easier to keep doing it. 

The key to making great changes is taking small and gradual steps that feel good for you.  What is the point of copying your fit friends if all it does is make you feel bad? Everybody is different, but there is something out there for all of us.  Some people will never learn to like broccoli, but they might find that a bowl of creamy spinach is just what the doctor ordered!

Mianna Korben

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