Honesty and Loyalty Go Hand in Hand


This morning, I found myself listening to Ryan’s Roses on 102.7 KISS FM. I know, I know, listening to this show is debatable, but I can’t stop. There are moments when I can’t listen to it, because when Ryan’s Roses is on, you have to be emotionally ready to handle any outcome of what could befall. In case you haven’t heard, the show is about cheating, and being unfaithful to your partner.

On the show, Ryan has a lady, whether Sisanie or someone else call someone’s partner on behalf of the pretend flower shop, offering to send them a free dozen roses, only asking in return for a name, and a note for him to give them. Once they’ve convinced someone to give their name and a note to that person, many times they unfortunately catch them cheating on their partner, being that they choose to send the roses to someone other than their significant other. Did I mention that their partner is listening in on the other end.

When it comes to this show, you have to be prepared for the worst, even if you’re hoping for the best. I’m sure that some people get a kick out of others having relationship problems. But, I’m definitely not one of those types. For me, when I listen to the show, it truly breaks my heart in a big way when I find out that someone’s partner was unfaithful. One good thing about the show, other than it’s insanely interesting appeal of good entertainment is that I think it brings more trust to couples or at least to the person that thought their partner was cheating, when they find out that their partner had been faithful all along.

When I was listening to Ryan’s roses today, they had an episode where a lady in a relationship with a man were both invited to a wedding in Las Vegas. The woman was unable to attend, but she still told her boyfriend that he should go ahead, and enjoy himself. When Ryan Seacrest asked whether she’d said that he should go, but didn’t really mean it, meaning no meant yes, in this case, the lady said absolutely not, and that she was being genuine. She said that she truly and genuinely meant for him to enjoy his trip, and that she didn’t say to enjoy it out of some bitter or envious place. In other words, her intentions were pure, and she generally wanted him to go ahead and have a good time without her. However, he posted pictures of himself in a group of people with another woman who was sitting close to him.

His girlfriend saw these pictures, and suspected him of cheating with the girl he sat close with. Of course, we can all assume that either she doesn’t trust her man, and just give him the benefit of the doubt, and not think too much about it. But then again, the guy ended up sending the free dozen roses to the girl that was sitting close to him in the pictures.

He admitted to cheating with this woman, as well as desiring to break up their relationship. When they spoke about the situation at the end of the show, the girl was saying to the guy on air that she’d asked him previously if anything had gone down or if he was unfaithful in any way with the woman in Las Vegas. He told her no at the time, and even said to her, “Are you crazy!” Well, I think we can all agree that his response was obviously dishonest.

Then there was a discussion where Ryan Seacrest stated one line that I found to be so true, and in so many ways. He said that you can’t expect honesty from someone who isn’t loyal to you. Right there, splat! Ryan, you hit it on the nail! Honesty and loyalty go hand-in-hand. It’s true that you can’t expect to have a faithful partner or even a happy relationship if your partner is going to be lying to you. Lying is one of the most destructive things that goes on in relationships, and it’s one of the biggest reasons that many relationships fail.

Trust issues are never good in relationships. Many couples are willing to work on their relationships when they sense that there are some trust issues, and they try to improve them. However, that takes a lot of time, effort, and love, so when couples are willing to work on their trust issues, they’re likely in their relationship for the long-haul. Couples that are willing to self improve, and work on improving their relationship also have much greater chances at having, and maintaining a happy life.

Remember, we should always give our partner the benefit of the doubt. We shouldn’t need to publicly embarrass others or give them a bad name either by shaming them to the world for their wrongdoings. We should need to use Ryan’s Roses or Jerry Springer types of sources in order to find out whether our partner is faithful or not. Relationships need to be based on a solid and strong foundation routed from honesty, trust, loyalty, and healthy communication.

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3 thoughts on “Honesty and Loyalty Go Hand in Hand

  1. Sadly, trust was broken here too…Ryan’s roses is fake….done by a company called “Prepburger”..a radio “bit” factory:

    “The veteran producer I spoke to assured me that virtually every war of the roses routine is fake—not least because FCC’s rules explicitly require broadcasters to obtain permission to air a call from every participant, and it’s highly unlikely that a caught-out cheater would consent to broadcast after learning that he’d just been punk’d. One prominent DJ who uses the routine is Ryan Seacrest—he calls it “Ryan’s Roses.” Here’s an example. Does it sound real to you? We’ve got a call into Seacrest to ask.?


  2. “Lying is one of the most destructive things that goes on in relationships, and it’s one of the biggest reasons that many relationships fail.”

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