How Helpful Parents Care for Kids With Vision Problems



Some children are born with vision problems. As a parent, you want to do everything you can to make their life easier and better. With proper eye care and a little extra attention, you can help your kid get around the difficulties that vision problems present.

Pay Attention in the Early Years

Vision can define how you interact with the world. For a baby, poor vision can make it difficult to learn about the most basic elements of life. Take extra steps to help them develop at a healthy and comfortable rate.

Use bright colors for objects that you want your baby to interact with. This includes baby bottles, toys, and even important furniture items. Choose sensory toys that reward your child for exploring without eyesight; consider textures, shapes, and sounds.

Babies who don’t rely on their eyes often rely on their ears instead. Speak to your child frequently and explain everything out loud. Bring your face close to theirs while you speak so that they can focus on it. However, you don’t need to speak too loudly, just clearly.

Promote a Safe Environment

As your child gets older, they will want to run, play, and move through their environment, even if their vision isn’t perfect. Design your house to be safe and easy to navigate. Keep clutter off the floor, and put items back where your child can find them again. Similarly, avoid furniture with sharp edges or decorative items that will break if bumped into. Make sure light switches, doorways, and other essential utilities are always easy to find and access.

Find a healthy blend between an accommodating environment and your family’s preferred lifestyle. The severity of your child’s vision problems will determine the changes you need to make. As long as you remove obvious hazards and make intelligent shopping decisions, your child will be able to comfortably find their way around.

Work with Vision Professionals

Vision problems can impact every aspect of your child’s life. Therefore, it’s important to seek medical care and advice throughout the entire journey.
Start with a pediatrician that has experience with vision problems. You should also work with a behavioral optometrist to ensure that your child’s eye care is meeting their functional needs. To sum up, your vision professionals will help you find solutions to the unique problems that your child might face.

Communicate with Your Child’s Teachers

Vision can be a predictor of academic performance. Difficulty seeing translates into difficulty reading, which can prevent your child from fully understanding their course material.

Make sure each teacher understands the extent of your child’s vision problems. Be ready to provide additional resources or help your child with their homework. Simply reading their assignments to them every night could significantly increase their ability to follow the instructions.

Good eyesight makes life easier in a world that discriminates against the disabled, but it isn’t the only pathway to success. Help your child learn to use their own talents to tackle everything that comes their way. Getting professional help and exercising patience and care can help your child come into their own.


2 thoughts on “How Helpful Parents Care for Kids With Vision Problems

  1. I like what you said about making sure your house is safe and easy to navigate so that there are fewer accidents for a child with poor vision. My sister’s youngest child has been having vision problems. They’ll probably have to take him to an optometrist, but in the meantime, this is a good idea for keeping him safe!

    1. Thank you for your comment! I’m very glad the article was helpful for your sister and her child.

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